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My pal Andrew Bond, who I've spoken to about Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO) on numerous occasions, put out a great article on how the company is far from out of the woods.

Andrew's analysis is spot on -- I agree wholeheartedly. But I don't completely agree with his conclusion. He stops short of saying that Cisco is a value trap (though he hints at it), but definitely says there are better places for your money.

He may be right on that account too, but it has to be a positive that Chambers is stepping back and giving his behemoth of an organization a broad look-over and pruning some weeds. I'm still not ready to take the plunge on Cisco -- I first want to see expectations come down even more. After all, the core operations of the company's business are still hurting and Chambers & Co. have yet to address the root problem. The decision to can Flip (and the personal business segment) at least shows that they are open to making changes, which isn't something we could have said six weeks ago.

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