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The other thread got a little side tracked, so I thought I start a new one. We recently switched to T-mobile which is cheaper than our previous AT&T plan, but unlike our old plan has unlimited international text and data. A couple drawbacks. Data is 2G speed. Which seemed plenty fast back in the day, but now seems a bit lazy. Another is that voice calls are $0.25/minute.

Work arounds include WhatsAp, which allows voice calls over cellular or wifi, or Facetime (iPhones only) which works the same way.

FWIW, I'm in Germany right now and everything works as advertised.
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We're grandfathered into an older T-Mobile international plan. Unlimited data, so we don't need any other apps. Our phones already support "wi-fi calling", so we don't need anything extra for that. Our phones default to using wi-fi for calls when wi-fi is available (which doesn't use data or "minutes", which is why I have it set up that way).

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Reality is, we don't use our phones much for talk time, it's all the other uses, tape, traffic, weather, texts, GPS, "Siri, take me home!" from anywhere, and off I go, maybe not the safest route at times, but it gets me outta there, headed home!

A pocket computer, really, addresses, information about anything, pretty much from anywhere that has some sort of signal...

International for Verizon was going to be $10/day on any day it was used, even incoming texts, so, not having' any of that. At one time, when my brother was in dire straights, yes, we opened it up. No need now, anything vital, the ones close to us also use WhatsApp, and we 'Broadcast' to most as we wander.. No cost, other than our normal plan...

DW has a lack of fingerprints, had a bit of fun at the TSA interview, but its noted, last use it works OK, but we're headed to facial recognition instead of fingerprints on our iPhones soon anyway..

All good, just need to be aware of what's available..

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