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More Qa Qaa Hitting the Fan


Even more Qa Qaa is hitting the fan now.

In an absolute bombshell appearnce on CNN tonight with Aaron Brown, chief UN weapons inspector David Kay was asked to view the local ABC affiliate in Minneapolis's video that showed troops from the 101st Airborne opening sealed weapons bunkers at Al Qa Qaa on April 18, 2003, one month AFTER the start of the war, and it couldn't possibly have been more devastating.

I'm paraphrasing here, but this is the absolute gist of what was said:

Aaron Brown: "Now, help us out here. What are we looking at? Is this an IAEA seal on this bunker?"

David Kay: "That's exactly what it is. In all my years in Iraq, I've never seen a site padlocked like this, except by the IAEA."

(With a wirecutter a young man cuts through the wire that seals the entrance to this weapons bunker. Inside, everywhere you look there are tons and tons of boxes and packages----and drums of stuff, many clearly marked "explosives.")
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Oh man.
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If Bush wins, those enlisted men will be court-martialed and the explosives loss blamed on them, with nobody higher having any responsibility, oh no, none at all. Watch.
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