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Dear y'all,

I'm not necessarily happier that the Fool decided to cut so many columns; however I think this would be worthwhile if Fool writers were to spend more time interacting with us. It may be that the Fool is in fact spending a lot of this time with things like seminars, but it seems that some boards there should be more Fool writers, there are not.

For example, I sometimes drop by the Rule Maker Strategy board, presumably a place the Fool writers should drop by since it is tied to one of the Fool portfolios. Well, the most recent posting by a TMFer was TMFSelena's post on 4/2/01. I don't believe Selena is involved with the management of the Rule Maker port; we need to go back a few more days to get several posts from TMFBuster. I'm actually not completely sure TMFBuster is involved here either (I thought he was mostly a Rule Breaker).

In any event, one of the discussions that has gone on there is the recent purchase of J&J. In the days of the Cash King portfolio writers were happy to discuss concerns etc. about portfolio purchases, yet no portfolio manager has done so. In particular, TMFTribe's Rule Maker analysis of J&J seems to indicate that it is in the "third tier":

Would it be possible for whoever runs the port to explain why a "third tier" Rule Maker is the next purchase? Is the numerical point system incomplete, did TMFTribe make mistakes in the checklist, or is it valuation issues, or something else entirely?

In summary, I hope that the various writers spend some more time interacting with us in the community. If this happens, I think that the decision to cut the number of columns was a good one.


Lleweilun Smith
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Hi! As a new researcher into the world of stocks, I've got a problem finding information that I need help with. I've read the Motley Fool and now I'm online, but I'd like to search (weed out or weed IN) companies whose data fall within certain parameters, by searching for companies making $50,000,000 or less, for example. I don't see anything like that on the site. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and I'm a Canadian, to boot, so I'm ineligible to apply for a lot of the services online or products are not available. (Eg. I'd LOVE to buy Investors' Business Daily, but you can't Get it here in Japan! Sigh....) Any advice or ideas, or IS THERE a way for me to better search out groups of companies online? -Bill, [email protected], Japan.
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welcome to the fool! A great company screener that I've found is at click on the tab at the top that says investing, then go to the link on the left that says Stock screener, then click on Full search. you don't have to register, AFAIK... I use it to keep an eye out for under-valued blue chips, but it has boxes for just about any criteria you can imagine...

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Hi Ispy88,

Any advice or ideas, or IS THERE a way for me to better search out groups of companies online?

When I start a stock screen I like to use the screener at The following link is to a post with resources for international investors:

The following list is a compilation of favorite web resources from a group of TMF posters that are regular contributors. I don't know if all of the links are still current.:

America Invest -
Ask Research -
Bloomberg - -
Business 2.0 -
Business Week Online -
CBS MarketWatch -
Clearstation -
CNNfn -
Company Sleuth - -
EquityInsights -
Financial Web -
FinPortfolio -
Forbes - -
Fox Marketwire -
Hoovers Online - -
Individual Investor -
Insider Trading -
Internet Investor -
InternetNews -
Investor Guide - -
Investor Web -
Investors Business Daily -
Just Ventures, Inc. -
Morningstar -
MSN Investor -
Nightly Business Report -
PC Quote - (Lycos) - -
Raging Bull -
RedHerring -
Reuters Moneynet -
S&P Personal Wealth -
Silicon Investor -
SmartMoney -
Stock Market Investing -
Stock Master -
The Lion -
The OnLine Investor -
The Standard -
Thomson Investor -
USA Today -
Wall Street City -
Wall Street Research Net -
Yahoo! Finance - -
ZDNet Interactive Investor -

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