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I'm 35. I got my first motorcycle 4 years ago. It's a 750 Honda Shadow Aero. It has snakeskin flames.

In Anamosa, Ia there is a national motorcycle museum. There is also a fairly large motorcycle parts shop there called J&Ps Cycle. They have an annual open house rally every year. Which happened to be this past weekend.

It's about 4 hours from my house. My FIL, a coworker and I rode up there Saturday. Beautiful weather the whole way. Lots of sunshine when we got there.

We left about 3 to go to the museum while I had a helmet I bought pinstriped. A little over an hour later, we went back to get my helmet and ride home. Of course, after getting my helmet, my bike wouldn't start (funny, J&Ps and the museum are a mile apart. Everything was fine 15 minutes before).

No electrical power. Tried push starting, no luck. Hooks up a jump starter. It started, but ran rough and the lights flickered on and off. It's just after 5 now, so no chance of getting parts.


I called my brother to come pick me up in my mom's maybe not so reliable pickup and hoped I would t have problems loading it in the dark with no good place to load.

My brother ended up not getting there until 10:30 (I hung out with some interesting drunk people at a bar down the road and listed to a really good local band while I waited).

Brother finally showed up. Surprisingly we had no trouble loading the bike (backed into a ditch that happened to be about exactly the right size). Got home just after 3 am. Mom's truck worked great (other than it's a single cab and my large brother thought he needed to bring his large GF).

I ordered a new regulator today, and am hoping to get it fixed and have another adventure soon.

Added bonus- getting stranded has made it easier to talk my wife into letting me buy a bigger bike, even though the same thing could happen on any bike. I'm probably going to buy a new Indian Vintage Chief in the next few months.
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Forgot the link to the museum. Check it out if you have the chance (and are into motorcycling).
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Wow. The Vintage Chief is over 800 pounds. How the heck will you push it up into a truck bed if the same thing happens??? Sure looks sweet though!

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Who knows? I'll burn that bridge when I come to it :)
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