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I am planning a cross-country move and this time am considering moving some appliances -- a washer & dryer. In the past I have gotten rid of the W/D before moving but this time they are only 6 months old and I don't want to lose most of the investment in them. The move is corporate, so move/don't move will not cost me directly.

Are there any special actions to take before moving them (other than draining the hoses)?

Anyone want to chime in on whether it's a good idea to move them? Any stories?

Hopefully this group is just dormant and not extinct.
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Sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Washers and dryers are easy to move for anyone who knows what they are doing.

Generally speaking there isn't much to do. If you have front-loaders, there is sometimes a stabilizing ring that you can install to keep things from moving around. You can ask the manufacturer about that, or in many cases a van line will have those for you.

When you get to your destination, be sure and buy NEW hoses for the washer. The old hoses tend to deform a little to match the faucet they are connected to, so they can start leaking on you on the new faucets. They are cheap and easy to replace.

One other note - I've seen some people try to use the washer and dryer as containers to store small items during the move. This is a bad idea, as you can get the finish on the drum all scratched up. Don't do it.

Good luck on your move, and be sure and let me know if you have any other questions....
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Thanks for the reply. In the end I decided to move the appliances because I found aplace to live that does not have them.

The moving company said they have someone who will "park" the drum, disconnect things, etc.

Good advice on the hoses -- even though my W/D are only 7 months old, they have been in the garage which sees some really extreme temps (I'm sure over 120 in the summer), so new ones are a good idea. The W/d will be going inside next and I don't want any floods!

I have moved many times but never considered moving appliances before.

Thanks for your help!
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