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How difficult is it to move a website from a local server to having it hosted at lets say GoDaddy? The reason being is sometimes we have to shut down the servers and the person in charge of our website would like to keep it up at all times. I'm not very knowledgable when it come to websites yet. Another issue I am told is nobody has to deal with a password on SQL.

I know this isn't much information, but most likely would lead to other questions that I might be able to answer.

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The answer really depends on how involved your website is and what technology it uses.

The large web hosting services such as 1&1, GoDaddy, etc. have alot of different hosting packages and each package provides a different level of capabilities.

If you have a basic website written in compliant HTML, CSS, and maybe javascript, it isn't difficult to move. You have to 1) transfer your domain registration to the new provider and 2) upload the files. If your email uses the same domain name as your website, there would be additional steps depending on whether you are going to keep email hosted locally or move it to your new service provider.

If your website uses other technologies/languages, you need to make sure your hosting provider supports it. For example, if you currently host your website on a Microsoft server and it uses Active Server Pages (ASP) or the .net framework, you would need to insure you sign up for Microsoft hosting that supports both of these.

Another example would be server side java. Many of the large providers don't support it, but there are plenty of hosting services that do.

I'm confused by the statement "nobody has to deal with a password on SQL." I would have to better understand what they are referring to. If your website accesses a database management system such as Microsoft SQL, mySQL, etc. the process is more involved but a password should always be needed whether it's hosted locally or externally.

That's about as much as I can help without knowing more about the website.
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