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My questions are many, so hang on - I am getting ready to make a move (leaving a job of 5 years to start a completely new career). It seems to make sense that I would have better luck purchasing/leasing a new car now before I leave, rather than waiting until I get to my new job. The state I live in does not have sales tax, and has very low registration fees but the new one does have sales tax and very high registration costs.

So here are some questions I'm wrestling with...can I buy a car in the state I live in now and take delivery in the state I'm moving to? Will I be charged by the dealer to do that? will I still have to pay the sales tax when I register in the new state? can I set up a lease and then move to another state?

I am also trying to research which car to buy...and am looking for a specific type, not a specific model (V-8, 4 door passenger car, GM or Ford)..does anyone have any suggestions as to good websites where I can search by those specifics? I want to have a fuel conversion package installed in the car, that's why I need to meet those requirements.

Thanks for any info

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You need to check regulations of the state you are
moving too.

I live in NH, close to MA border. NH has no sales tax and high registration fees. MA has sales tax. If you
buy a car in NH, and then try to register it in MA, you must pay the MA sales tax before MA will issue plates. Also, NH does not refund unused part of registration if you move.

The bottom line in MA is, you pay sales tax on car, or you don't register it in MA.
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One thing I'd consider is dealer service. If you take delivery in Wilmington, DE and then move to Portland ,OR you may get a hard time from the OR dealers doing work on a car that they didn't prep/sell.I think if push comes to shove they have to honor warranty work.
Another thing you may consider is that at least in Maryland, you have to register a car within 30 days of moving here.That means paying MD sales tax on 5% of the book value, and $70 tag fee. Some clever immigrants to MD hold off rerigstering the car until it's a couple years old and save some of that 5% thanks to depreciation. It is technically against MD traffic articles to do so.

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If you buy it or lease it now and then move to another state, you'll have to re-title it and obtain new plates and in most cases pay the sales tax.

You can set up the lease anywhere you want, but it's still gonna cost you when you move.

I'd wait and do it after the move. First of all, you're going to want to find a dealer who will service the vehicle and give you priority over an out-of- stater. On warranty work, most dealers will do the work, but maybe not right away, as opposed to someone who purchased the vehicle from them.

I haven't found an on-line service yet, that sells direct and does what it advertises.

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