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It’s a 1996 DutchStar by Newmar, it’s 22 years old and starting to have issues. The inside is OK, there have been water leaker in the ceiling which I have corrected, and the rug is rumpled, but basically it’s in OK shape. But it’s time, and the easiest way to ditch it is to sell it to a junkyard of which there is one which specialized in RV’s in Kentucky.

We’ll get almost nothing for it (comparatively) but it will be quick and easy, and they will part it out to people who need levelers or a hot water heater or fridge or whatever. So Mr. Bus will continue to live on in many other rigs, and I hope all the parts continue to have a happy life.

I’m keeping the generator, but that’s all. Goodbye sir, you have served us well.
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We had to be rid of a pretty heavy 5th wheel some years ago... Needed roof, tires, a lot of work... Donated it to the Polly Klaas group, they fix 'em up for temp housing.. Tax write-off, all it had to do was roll, and have a bathroom.. Rolled up in a tow rig, signed it over, GONE! Nice setup..
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