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Check out the chart...
Looks like a double top...
MU closed at 41 5/16 - down 3 - with steady down pressure all day.
No support until we get to 35 - 36 range.
Volume slightly less than avg. today (4,073k vs 4,458k avg.)
Any thoughts??

(Also posted on the DT Brd)

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You make a pretty good case for a short. Are you looking for a few days, months, LTBH or what. a lot depends on what prices of memory chips do. The unusual strenth this morning I attribute to Cramers column on where he makes some point that the Japanese are no longer serious competition. I think he is full of it. Anyway if one shorted this morning he could have made out really well.

Until today I was short 100 at 43 1/16 from 11-9-98 and a 100 at 46 on 11-23-98. I had to suffer a bit with the first 100 and there are a lot of guys that use this board that have suffered bad on this one with it going to unrealistic heights. I covered 100 at 41 7/8 near the close as I have to go to work the next two days and I don't trust the market to stay weak. Every other time my shorts just started to look good the herd would tramble them to pieces.

I am hoping I did not sell off too much of my bubble insurance today.

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Really looking at the next few days...but who knows? As you say - it depends on news and the overall market. And TA ain't always the thing to hang one's hat on lately. I've had to be patient too...short at 41 7/8 on 11/17. Call me hardheaded ( or just plain stupid!!)

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go for it.
nyse stocks would be my first choice here.

mu being close to the top of my list.
pc unit sales are not meeting expectations.
price cutting on pc's will get deeper as we get closer to christmas to muve units off the shelves.
if the pc info pans out to be true, (herb greenberg)
the chip makers will be left in the lurch again with a glut of product, worldwide.
mu is a good position play at this time.
within 6 bucks of it's 52 week high,
not much strong support until 36.

also consider,
amd, and xrx

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