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Ok, this is my first message on all of the fools boards so don't laugh. Be patient with me.

I have what I hope is a small problem with my investment portfolio. I am a GM employee and as part of our stock savings program we have to allocate a portion of our investment into GM stock till such time as we are able to switch it to a Fidelity mutual fund of some type. I have only been buying the GM stock and participating in this reallocation of mutual funds for the past 10 years. I started out well, but most of you know it has been a bad year for "all" or most of the stock market, not just Mutual Funds, much less the Fidelities.

My problem lies in the part of the Fools book of investing that try not to ust mutual funds as your investing portfolio. Well, GM employees are stuck with this plan. SO!!!!!!! Here is my problem.

I am very confused as to what to do. I have recently purchased a lot of GM-H (20G) from my Fidelities, still have about 3-4G in reg. GM and a few hundred in BChips and OTC. About 20G is parked in the savings funds since I started panicing back about 3 months ago and was tired of the loses.

Anybody out there have any suggestions as to what I should do. Are any of you out there "educated" at this investing thing and know which of the GM approved Fidelities are a good purchase while this market is low. I am still reading the investing manual (about 1/2 way thru). I want to start making smarter decisions with my money for my retirement in 10 years.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from somebody.
czh36b in michigan - gm flint
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czh36b wrote:<<Ok, this is my first message on all of the fools boards so don't laugh. Be patient with me.>>

Hi czh36b.

I only lurk around here, so you will get better answers from the very nice regulars at this board.

However, if you can use one of fidelity's index funds through your company's plan, you might find it useful to stop by the "Index Funds" discussion board, where you would hear opinions from the equally nice folks over there on why index funds might be a good choice. It can be found under the Investor's Roundtable folder in the discussion boards if I am not mistaken, and has an excellent FAQ section as well. Hope to see you there.


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After the debacle this market has had, and with pessimism at such a high level, you should just about be able to throw darts at the financial pages to pick a good fund.
An index fund would be a good choice.
I don't know what the choices GM gives employees but currently my favorite Fidelity funds include Contrafund II, Low Priced Stock Fund, Small Cap Stock Fund, Dividend Growth fund.
An index fund is the safest.
In an account where money is taken from your check every payday, you are essentially dollar cost averaging. This is a technique that works the best with an entity that fluctuates considerably in value, up and down. So my take is for that type of account, take the most volatile offering. The ride will be
rough but buying more shares when the price is low will help you long term.
I believe when we finally know for sure who the President will be, the market will fly. So it is about time to get back into your equities, IMHO.
Best wishes, Chris
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