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I'm far from being an expert on the issues buring around the world. But I'm starting to reach some conclusions that I can't help but feel are at least 90% accurate. Here are my conclusions in no particular order:

1) There is no fricken way any super-power country could possibly make everyone happy.

There must be something like a thousand ethnic/religious/tribal groups in the world. Each of those thousand groups has been offended/harmed/terrorized/dissed/insulted by at least 5 other ethnic/religious/tribal groups within the last 5,000 years and they will all hold a grudge for the next 5,000 years. If you try to be a good neighbor and help one of them, you will be offending/harming/terrorizing/dissing/insulting at least 4 out of 5 of their enemies. Thus, any attempt at a good deed will be punished four-fold over the next 5,000 years.

One reason a global super-power will always be hated is because there's simply no way they can keep track of all 5,000 different groups. It's like being popular in school. Everybody expects you to remember everything about them or else they'll call you a snob. Every fricken country in the world expects you to be their best friend and hate whoever they hate.

2) If you don't like the stuff the world dealt you, then build your own stuff.

You don't see Japan whining about being crammed on a bunch of tiny islands without any natural resources (well, at least not in the last 50 years). If your wealthy buddies who ran off to America send you back a bunch of money, don't squander it on pipe bombs or ACME explosives to get even with the 5 groups that offended/harmed/terrorized/dissed/insulted you. Use your money to create business, industry. Build, don't destroy.

While it might be tempting to point at the United States right now, but in all honesty, the USA pretty much ignored repeated terrorist acts until it got way out of hand and threatened our very existence. At that point, we don't plan on whining about it for the next 5,000 years. We plan to beat the cr*p out of the guilty parties and then walk away. You can call America a bunch of drunk cowboys, but when drunk cowboys get in a fight, they move on with the morning's hangover.

But seriously, the best way to deal with those 5 ethnic/religious/tribal groups that piss you off is to work hard, get wealthy, and terrify them with a massive trade imbalance.

3) If you don't like America acting as the world's police, fine! Call someone else like Osama Bin Laden when your neighbor starts acting like the next Napoleon wannabe.

I happen to know that Americans would prefer to watch big screen TV, drink beer, and totally ignore the rest of the world. If you don't believe it, just ask Canada. We try very hard to maintain justice, but we're only human... and we can't keep track of all 5,000 groups out there! Feel free to find some other superpower (such as China) to help out next time. I'm sure they will be fair and just and friendly and clean up after they're done.

4) Blowing things up is not a very persuasive technique.

If you don't believe me, next time you neighbor has their stereo turned up too loud, just walk up to one of your police officers and punch him/her in the stomach really hard before bringing the issue up. When the police officer puts the handcuffs on you instead of your neighbor (imagine that?), just point out that he/she wasn't paying attention to your needs and not understanding the complex political situation like he/she should have been.

5) If a member of your family keeps blowing up the neighbor's mailbox, don't be surprised if they wring your neck when you keep telling them that your little Johnny didn't do it, despite clear evidence to the contrary.

This is just so plainly obvious, I can't imagine what much of the world is thinking. European leaders are backpeddling, much of the Islamic world is wiggling around pretending there's no problem. It makes them look very irresponsible. If you act that way, don't be surprised if the USA acts accordingly. Those involved will be all pissed off at us for the next 5,000 years for going over there like an angry parent with a paddle. Get over it.

Well, those are my conclusions over the last week of digging and reading and thinking about this whole thing.

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