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Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. That’s been true of the last few weeks, and I wonder if that’s true on larger fractal-type scale as well. Market psychology is expecting a recession, so it will probably create one, possibly simply to get it off its collective mind. I continue to be concerned one fractal level higher, with the growth of the US debt. The bifurcation of the economy is worrisome, as well. Some see a marvelous recovery. Others may see the need for multiple jobs in the benefit-less gig economy. Leaving a major segment of the society behind is damaging to a republic or a democracy.

Internationally, oil is below $50, which is destabilizing for some countries; several currencies are dramatically devalued; a few countries (particularly Venezuela) are experiencing uncontrolled inflation. Even with Bitcoin’s recent crash, it is a preferred currency in some markets.

There’s a recovery, but not necessarily stability. In an unstable system, there can be a series of increasingly higher highs and lower lows. We just experienced a highest high. I worry about a following low.

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