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My last reply to this post only addressed your Q & A. I'd like to make a few more comments, this time directed toward what i percieve as a grave injustice that seems to be commonly perpetuated by people telling their friends what to expect when they go see Reloaded.

I knew what to expect going in. Morpheus was going to give some very bad speeches, and there was going a really long rave/orgy sequence that made no sense, and Neo's big fight with all the Smith's is somewhat pointless since he could just leave at any time. I understood all that, and so I was able to grip my armrests and just overlook it all. After that happened, the payoff was very great.

This seems to be a fairly commonly-held opinion, but one i object to. I think you folks are missing the big picture.

Ever heard of character development (that wasn't said in anywhere near as condescending a tone as it appears in print : )? Morpheus's speeches weren't "bad." They serve primarily to illustrate just how utterly devoted he is to the prophecy/Oracle. He is completely fearless because he believes it is the destiny of mankind to defeat the machines in the manner set forth by the Oracle. His speech to Zion paints a picture of some of mankind's greatest strengths (which are simultaneously its greatest weaknesses). Take another look at the quote on your profile. Faith, Hope, the ability to believe the impossible in spite of all evidence to the contrary. That's what Morpheus is about (the god of dreams...).

And how can anyone say the rave/orgy sequence made no sense? It's ART people. Again, the Brothers were painting a picture for us. Mankind is about to face destruction at the hands of cold, calculating, ruthless machines. Logic, logic, logic. No emotion, no passion. Well, Zion gives those machines the finger and lets loose a rush of emotion. They are full of passion. They are dancing in the face of death. They have hope against all odds. They are celebrating, believing they can turn back certain annihilation. And the group scenes are intercut with the more personal scene of Trinity and Neo. There we see the ultimate redeeming human trait vividly illustrated: love. It is Neo's love for Trinity that will ultimately lead him to reject his destiny as the One and choose the door that will lead him back into the Matrix, a choice we can only now assume will lead to the eventual salvation of mankind.

The rave/love-making scene is intended to contrast with the cold emotionlessness of the machines, in an artistic way. I think they succeeded.

As for Neo's big fight with the Smiths, it is pointless in the sense that yes, Neo could've flown away at any point. Obviously the "point" of the scene was to showcase a new level of CGI effects achieved by the movie's creators. It was meant to showboat and little else. I enjoyed the eye-candy, in spite of the silly premise.

Just my .02

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