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I despise Social Security. This was only recently reinforced as I finally got through Atlas Shrugged after a decade of not being able to pass the 200 page cusp that starts the work, but that is another story.

I wrote this and have had a few coworkers look at it, one of whom replied "this makes me *mad*!" and I queried him on whether he favored entitlements, but it was quite the opposite. I sparked his own hidden, inner dislike of this program.

I'll note my loathing applies to Medicare as well. $326.93 from these two, down the drain last month, and many more months to come...

Please comment and let me know what you all think. The somewhat arbitrary length is one page when printed; that is about the attention span I think I might get on the receiving end. I've not mailed it yet but plan on doing so within a week, and I'm considering sending it to the media.


To whom it May concern,

Consider this correspondence my declaration of my complete lack of confidence in the Social Security program. I am now 31 years of age, and for 14 years I've watched my paychecks robbed of this money. I consider it nothing less than just that: robbery. As a productive man, I resent that my money is being redistributed against my will to those who are not productive and have insufficiently planned their financial future.

Americans must learn to save on their own and to retire if they are accordingly capable of doing so. My parents are the classic example. Neither came from extravagant means and neither was bestowed with significant financial assistance from their parents. My father took 7 years to get through college, having to take breaks to earn more money to continue, but he continued on to get two Masters degrees. My parents retired at 53, not due to an expectation of receiving handouts from an ill-crafted entitlement program but because they did their due diligence and planned for their financial future. They accomplished this despite each of them earning less as teachers, even after 30 years in the same school district, than I do as an Army Captain.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. If I own a business and ran the pension plan as such, I should be sent to jail. The current inflow is going right back out into benefits, and not being pooled for a solvent future of distributions for those of my generation.

I'm offering the Social Security administration something that was it a private pension plan would cause it to salivate. Keep my 14 years of contributions. Keep it freely and completely. I'll never ask for a penny of benefits. I want none of my contributions to date repaid. In return, I only ask that I be left to keep my salary that I earned and decide for myself where and when I invest in order to assure a retirement. All of my calculations of what I need to save in order to retire do not account for my receiving of any Social Security benefits, because I am convinced they will not be there. I am not a fool; my tested IQ averages in the 150s, I've led troops in combat multiple times, and my finances are watertight. I have no non-mortgage debt, I maximize my IRA and Thrift Savings Plan (Federal 401(k) equivalent) contributions, and I don't spend more than I earn.

You may keep all of my contributions. I reiterate that I want none of them in return. I am convinced they will not be there, so I lay no claim to something, which may not be had, as this shift of wealth from me to those producing nothing cannot be perpetuated despite all the wishing, hoping, and continued bilking and milking of the current work force. The program will go bankrupt. I cannot want for something that does not exist. I do however, want for my money, which I have earned, and is not being utilized by the government for the rightful purpose of it, which is to keep me secure via the military, police, fire departments, and judicial processes.

Know that many of my generation will not support or continue to perpetuate this fraud, and we insist and rightly demand that we are allowed to be the own best arbitrators of what is good for us, and we can best decide what is a sensible course of action to achieve our financial well being. It is not Social Security.


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