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As usual apartment living is stressing me out lately. This time it has a helping from the holidays, technology and FedEx.

My last paycheck was large. Huge. Largest I've ever had. We needed a new TV with HDMI and Woot was selling a 42" refurbed JVC (LCD) for $349.99 plus $5 shipping. No tax of course, $354.99 out the door. I hemmed, I hawed, then put in the order. It's a lot of money but it was a heck of a deal on something we can actually really use for a long time to come.

That was 11/28. In the meantime we needed a new entertainment center because the TV I had just purchased wouldn't come close to fitting the one we had. The one we had (have, ahem, you'll see) is forever old. It was Kelly's grandparents, and they've been dead for a few years now. It's heavy as hell (solid oak!) but nice looking, lots of storage but is HUGE. Yeah, ironically it's huge but the hole is too small for flat screens. So we went to the PTO thrift store and found a tiny entertainment center we could put the TV on for a whopping $8. Well, considering it would cost at least $100 in the stores I bought that in a heartbeat! That was Sunday. I spent the rest of that day clearing out the old center, moving it out of the way (in to the half of the living room not taken up by our Christmas Tree) and waited for the new TV to come.

Unfortunately a series of things happened that lead to heartbreak on my part. When I ordered the TV I had to put in a new credit card number. I did that, but typed in our address wrong (one number was off). Woot shipped the TV the next day after I ordered it, but the e-mail to that effect didn't come to me until Tuesday night. The TV arrived at the wrong apartment on Saturday, nobody was there so it went to the office but FedEx left a note on the door (again, of the wrong apartment). I had been in the office the day befor paying our rent, so I had no reason to go to the office on Saturday (we were out of town anyway). The jerk who lives at the address I accidentally sent the TV to tried to claim it (would have served him right!) but the manager told him to beat it. But the manager never told us that the TV was there! I still don't know how my wife found out it was there, but we didn't find out until Tuesday. We went to the office right after work and I carefully transported it back to our apartment.

So, I get it all set up, looks great! Plugged in, finally have HDMI inputs so I can use my Apple TV I bought in October, my wife bought me a BlueRay player for Christmas (and gave it to me early) and had HDMI for that (we'd ordered cables from Amazon, spend less than $10 for two instead of the outrageous costs in stores and they have arrived on... yup, Tuesday.) So I turn it on. Uh oh. I've seen that before. That's a cracked LCD crystal. Huh, looks like an indentation at the top of the screen. Looked at the box. Hey, a clear hole/dent right where the corresponding dent is in the screen! Well, clearly something had smashed into it before or during delivery (or maybe when it was in the office for four days, I dunno!) But it wasn't usable. It was a paperweight. The e-mail that it had been shipped came a few hours later. Ugh.

Thankfully Woot did me a solid and is taking it back and giving me a full refund, though the warranty didn't cover shipping. Really, couldn't be happier with Woot (other than the e-mail thingy). But now we're back to square one on the TV.

Or less. The PTO Thrift Store came out on Wednesday to pick up the entertainment center but rejected it. Why? A flat screen won't fit into it. Duh! That's why we are getting rid of it! We have Habitat for Humanity coming out on Monday, hopefully they'll take it, otherwise I'll have to kill myself getting out to the dumpster (not into it, that would be impossible! But someone will take it I'm sure.)

In the meantime half of my living room is taken up by our tree, the other half by the entertainment center, the corner where the new TV will go with the new entertainment center, the TV we had in the living room is now in our bedroom (it weighs a ton, I'm not moving it again!), the smaller TV in our bedroom is in the living room and there is a box with enough VHS tapes in it (and piled on top of it to a shockingly high height) that if I ever see another VHS tape again it will be too soon! I need to digitize the ones we made (wedding, birthdays, etc.) badly!
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