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My, my. Is this hostility or jealousy that I sense?

It ain't jealousy, Mazske.

There is hostility in those comments to be sure. Hostility to blind and proud ignorance. You don't just sense it, it's out there in the open.

As a matter of principle, I don't believe that it's a good idea to have that sort of hostility appear on a message board. I wouldn't be surprised if I think about it before I go to bed tonight and regret ithe post. It's happened two or three times before in my posting career.

But I'll tell you why I broke my usual posting guidelines in this particular case, hocus is some guy who has some ideas about how to retire early and has written about them on this board from time to time. I think that some of those ideas may prove to be useful to some people down the line. But there's no real proof of that at this point, is there?

If someone wants to mock hocus on this board, I will argue that it's rude and that it's counter-productive to what should be the board's mission, but hocus hasn't contributed enough to the world's storehouse of knowledge at this point in time for anyone to show with 100 percent certainty that he isn't the loony-tunes crackpot that intercst says he is. I don't think that's right, but I can't give you documented proof that I have anything legitmate to offer.

Dominquez is in a different class entirely. I don't know of anyone who has walked the earth who has done as much to help as many retire early as Joe Dominguez, and I've spent many years now looking. For someone who presumes to be qualified to offer advice to others on how to retire early to openly mock Dominguez goes so beyond the pale that it's not a question of a quirky personality type at work anymore. There is something perma-stoned about that sort of behavior, to borrow an apt bit of phrasology from Galeno.

If intercst hasn't figured out that Dominguez's insights are 10 miles above any he (or I, or any other poster on this board) has ever offered, then he just isn't a serious student of the topic he is pretending to teach people about here. You've got to learn your ABCs before you take on teaching a graduate level class.

Intercst should drop the idea of monitoring the board for dissenting-view posts to ridicule for a few months and read "Your Money or Your Life" six times from cover to cover until he begins to understand some of the fundamental issues involved in the subject matter he expounds on on this board. Until he becomes familiar with the basics, it's hard to take much else of what he says seriously.

Again, it sounds harsh and I don't like that. But this stuff isn't a game. There are people's financial hopes at stake, and intercst just hasn't bothered to do his homework.

Learning comes begins with listening. There are many people on this board with useful insights into how to retire early to offer to anyone open to hearing them. I think it's fair to remark at this point that intercst would do the entire board a lot of good if he would worry less for awhile that someone on the board might get to hear about an investment approach at variance from the one he favors and more worrying about whether his apparant belief that he had it all figured out before he even started the board has crippled his efforts to partake in the learning experience the rest of us are trying to participate in.
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