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Hi Saul and fellow Fools,

I'm new to this board. Someone told me about you and I wanted to check out here. I personally own 28 different companies in my portfolio, but 5 companies are about 50% of my portfolio and other 10 companies are about 45% of my folio because I let winners grow exponentially and take up a lot of the space, but I also wanted to add more to some positions, like MDB 4.5%, SSTI 1.5%, etc. I'd like to see what companies are in your portfolio because I dug deep into your board and all of them were intense discussions about those companies and I seem unable to find companies you already own. I know you clearly said TWLO is your largest holding, but I can't see the rest. Thanks in advance!

(is very curious about Saul's portfolio and wonders if he's better than Tom and David Gardner's performance or maybe Saul already beats a legendary investor Warren buffett, Peter Lynch, Shelby Davis, or Emmet Savage.)
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Moonshot -

Probably the easiest thing to do is sort the board by recs:

You'll not only find a lot of Saul's portfolio recaps, but recaps from some other very smart posters as well. They usually list current holdings with a lot of comments on the companies involved. Many of those messages have links within them to past recaps as well.

Good luck.
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