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what i'm basing my price of $7 a share or lower on is this uncanny perception of the dow falling to 8000 or less. it allready went to $9 and change with the recent downfall. i don't believe we're out of the woods yet. 8500 is a real possibility and should not be looked at as an impossibility. don't get me wrong here. i'm an optimist with the bulls heart, but my opinion for the moment is that it isn't time yet to go long. also if i'm wrong and see the necessary changes in the market that satify my credentials i'll most definatly jump in on this stock. just remember guys i'm on your side with this one. this company will provide substantial profits for investors going long. i just think i've got somewhat of a shot at getting it lower. thank you for your replies. be seeing you
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uncanny perception of the dow falling to 8000 or less.

No problemo with yer point of view dude, that "uncanny perception" is my worst nightmare. Check out this link I've taken from the Economy and Markets board.

Great bear articles! And extremely scary, don't read them at night.

Although it's rational, what's temporing my fear is my faith in fundamental analysis, and the knowledge that individual stocks will bottom before the indexes do. I've saved plenty of powder to buy this stock down to it's book value. I like TCM's fundamentals. I think Tycom's management likes the fundamentals and have demonstrated that with the stock repurchase program going on now. Check the volume over the last couple of days...

Long TCM
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