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Thanks for the uplifting replies, folks. Regarding the post about the crab tree, there once was a book (and film) called Being There (Jerzy Kozinski). In it, the protagonist Chance the Gardener gets run over by the most powerful man in America. The man believes Chance's name is Chauncey Gardener.

Anyway, he also believes Chance is a financial guru because he spouts off lines like, "In spring, the Cherry Blossoms will bloom." The rich fellow sees everything as an allegory to the financial world, so he thinks, "Ah, in the coming fiscal quarter the dormant market will again rise. It's the cycle."

So I thought of that when I read the post about dormant trees. And it says a lot about financial analysts.

One more thing, did Storm get his nickname from the kind of car he drives (Geo Storm)?

Thanks all and keep Foolin'

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I think it's the soft drink with triple caffeine.

Just kidding Storm, keep posting. I'm enjoying the "assualt on the comfort level" you are mounting.


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