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Hello all,

Just been reading the US boards, and the thing that I notice over and over, is that there are so many people who seem to be in complete denial! (not so here)
just read one post where the writer complained that the Naz was oversold..
Perhaps it is just me being confused and inexperienced, a sort of panic early and avoid the rush Fool.....
I dont understand why so many think the next bull market will happen tomorrow,
Please tell me if I am missing something!
Yours in confusion...FC
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Hi Fc
Punters get use to the same pattern. When stocks are trending up long term, corrections tend to be v shaped.
But after a big correction that brakes the long term up trend you tend to get a false rally, the rally will fall short or fail to hold past support (that often becomes new resistance) the next downtrend will often put in a lower low when all bad news is out & huge relative vol fails to push prices lower you finaly have the absolute low. Then you need a base the longer the better.
You might like this TA link.

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Hello Jono, sincere thanks for your reply, that certainly explains some things-
I have done ok with just going long short term, but I am about to take a proper TA course which should help my learning curve I hope!
I am surprised however by the lack of concern shown by the US boards --
With some exceptions, seems to be a lot of confidence in their economy, sort of business as usual!
Good thing everyone isn't a worry wart like me !
Thanks for the interesting link as well.
Best regards, FC.
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Did not seem to be very much bounce left in those charts, did you think Jono,
Bottom must be close, surely......?
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