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NeoConservatives are basically ex-Liberals who have been mugged at gunpoint and therefore, somewhat less naive.

They love big government, infringement on Liberties, they really don't care about keeping taxes and regulation low. They are Liberals, but Liberals who got tired of spitting on soldiers, burning flags, unilateral dismarnament.

They wish to use American Power to reshape the globe...sometimes in American interest, other times in Israeli interest. Where so many previous empires have FAILED, NeoConservatives think they will succeed. (Nevermind, we got our BUTTS KICKED, and 4000 KILLED in Iraq)

Also, NeoCons are USERS. Bill Clinton WISELY gave them an audience and a budget, but then ignored them. 9-11 allowed NeoCons to use fear and misguided Patriotism on the order to begin their GodLike dreams of remaking Iran, Iraq, and Syria. Once they got their war......they did NOTHING for the Conservative Movement. At the 1st sign of trouble it's people like BILL KRISTOL and DAVID FRUM lecturing Conservatives on why tax hikes and amnesty is good.

Case in point....

(The eloquent poster is pleased about "cracks in Grover's armor" and cheers on Lindsey Graham's open-ness to raise taxes.)

""U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said today he is ready to violate the “no new taxes” pledge he and most Republican lawmakers made to Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, to cut a deal that will keep the country from going off the so-called fiscal cliff around the first of next year.""

That author is an ARDENT supporter of NeoCon foreign policy. Hit Iran! Hit Iraq! Israel can do no wrong. Yet here the NeoCon is, GLEEFUL that some in the GOP might want to raise taxes.

I realize our side has been seduced by all sorts of concepts we can't dare question, be it Israel or trade or whatever. BUT THE FACT REMAINS.......THE NEO CON IRAQ WAR IS WHAT GAVE US PELOSI 2006. THE NEO CON IRAQ WAR GAVE US OBAMA OVER HILLARY.

So when we get all huffy about "Israel is our best friend", and as we spew the NeoCon line with pride........just remember that when we're telling the I.R.S about our health care, or when the Wise Latina Sotomayor is altering our Constitution, OR when tax increases hit SMALL BUSINESSES, AND THE MIDDLE CLASS, AND our borders are pseudo-GONE, let's just remember that the NeoCons, whose causes we so ardently support......yet get NO LOVE IN RETURN.

Here's to Wolfowitz, Netanyahu, Kristol, Frum, Pearle, Feith.

And here's to Obama 2012.

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All you really have to do is look at Europe, where being a Conservative is like being a super liberal in America. The Conservatives in America are just few steps behind their European counterparts.
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But in the mean time, at very least we should try to wrest the Conservative movement away from these bloodsucking NeoCons.

Obama beat us, I can live with that.

NeoCons used us. We should NOT live with that and we don't have to.

Over the past decade on TMF, I have been unpopular at times with my fellow Righties, when I expressed my fears on rampant immigration, and rampant free trade perhaps killing Conservatism one day.

Some thought I was crying wolf.

Well, in that fairy tale, it's important to note that eventually, the wolf did appear.

I'm crying wolf again. NeoConservatism is a part of our platform we can THROW AWAY without costing us any voters. Every other category, abortion, immigration, marriage, etc...sure we can change, but we'll also lose voters. Not with NeoCons. Throw the users out. If Bibi wants to build settlements good for him. But he doesn't get blind Conservative support anymore.

And no more Iraq style adventures, where we support a war that has nothing to do with America, and a war that results in Pelosi and Obama.

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