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Write a short story based on an old story or fairy tale. Make parts original, but keep it pretty much the same, than at the end include a twist that changes the entire story.
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Jack lived with his mother, and they were hungry, because the cow stopped giving milk. Finally she told him to go sell the cow in town.
On the way he met a stranger, who said he would trade three magic beans for the cow. Jack instantly said yes and went home, where his mother clocked him upside the head, said, "Whattsmatta with you?" and threw the beans out the window, where they grew into a giant beanstalk.

Jack shimmied up the beanstalk where he saw a huge castle in the clouds. He knocked on the door but no one answered, so he slipped in. There
he saw a giant counting golden eggs laid by a magic hen. Jack decided to wait for the giant to fall asleep and take the hen.

Soon enough, the giant was snoring.

Jack crept up and grabbed the hen, which immediately started squawking.
The giant called 911, and a squad car that happened to be nearby took the call and nabbed Jack at the base of the beanstalk.

He's serving five years in the state pen. His mom met the giant at the trial, and they got married.
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Write a short story based on an old story or fairy tale. Make parts original, but keep it pretty much the same, than at the end include a twist that changes the entire story.

Isn't that pretty much what Disney does?

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He swept the cobweb from his face. The castle retainers stood frozen in an enchanted tableau. There a servant girl stooped to feed a table scrap to a small dog. Here the king looked up the stairs, his face a rictus of fear, the queen running just behind him, motionless.

The flutter of startled birds wings momentarily filled the air.

He climbed on the first riser. His movements swept up the heavy coating of dust. Instinctively he covered his nose with his hand.

He knew she lay up there, a timeless sleeping beauty. Eagerly he mounted the steps, one after the other, heedless of the swirling motes and clinging webs.

At last he reached the door. He paused taking a moment to enjoy his triumph, and review all the heroism leading up to this one point when he would awaken Aurora with a single kiss.

The door creaked as he opened it. The Prince took in his first glimpse of the flaxen haired beauty felled by a single prick of a spindle. She had crumpled to the ground; one of her delicate white hands lay across her stomach, the other out flung almost touching the ancient wheel that laid her low.

Now he knelt beside her lifting her fair head and creamy shoulders to his mouth. He kissed her dusty lips.

She opened her clear sapphire eyes staring into his ebony ones. She appeared momentarily puzzled. Then the princess smiled and let out a heavy sigh.

He dropped her quite abruptly, staggering then falling backwards on his ass. She sat up now starting towards him.

"Damn woman! You have the worst case of morning breath ever. Get away from me.”

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We knew she was trouble, my sister and I, when our widowed mother married her widowed father. Our new father was a nice enough man, very kind to us. His daughter, Ella, was his pride and joy, the most beautiful creature either of us had ever seen, and sweet to us in the presence of adults. Alone, she was a demon, a spiteful, horrible creature who swore she would make our lives miserable. “Just you wait until I'm a princess,” she used to say. “I'll cut your heads off.”

She promised to make us miserable and she kept her word. As long as there were no adults about and she had no audience, she ignored us. It was when she had an audience that she began to perform, acting as if we mistreated her. It was worse after her father died mysteriously — before he could change his will to include us. She started going about town in rags and telling everyone we had made her a servant in her own house. People started to say my mother was an evil stepmother, and my sister and I were ugly. No matter how we protested our innocence, no one believed us. They never saw her lord it over the house, dressed in the finest silks and pearls. She was very clever. The moment anyone came near the house, she changed into her rags and sat near the fire, looking pathetic.

Then the invitation to the prince's ball came, inviting all the eligible maidens to attend. Neither my sister nor I wanted to go, but Mother insisted. “You may find rich husbands,” she said. Ella laughed in our faces. “Find rich husbands if you think you can,” she scoffed. “I shall marry the prince, and when I'm a princess I'll cut your heads off.” I suggested that my sister and I visit our aunt in a distant kingdom. Mother would hear nothing of it. The night of the ball we put on our new gowns, the best Mother could afford out of our real father's small legacy, and hired a coach. Where Ella was that day remained a mystery. She vanished that very morning, hopefully forever. When the coach came to carry us to the castle, she was still not there. Our relief was profound; perhaps we would have a pleasant evening after all.

It was a pleasant evening, until ten. Ella appeared, riding in a coach shaped like a pumpkin. She was the most beautiful maiden there, and of course the prince spent all his time with her. They danced, and we saw she was wearing glass slippers. How does one dance in glass slippers? I wondered. Then the strangest thing happened. At the stroke of twelve, she ran out, away from the prince, leaving one of the glass slippers behind. The prince was distraught and retired to his rooms, and the ball ended shortly thereafter.

The next morning came bright and clear. One of the royal heralds galloped through town, announcing that the prince had fallen in love with the mysterious girl who danced with him the night before and would marry her if he could find her. The only thing she left behind was that silly glass slipper, and whoever's foot fitted it would be his bride. Everyone was to try on the slipper on pain of death. My sister and I were distressed by the news. We knew whose foot it fit. Ella was overjoyed. “You must try on my shoe,” she crowed. “If it does not fit, you can always cut off your heel or toe.” Then she went off to change into her rags.

The Grand Duke himself came with the shoe. He was hot and tired, having tried that slipper on hundreds of feet with not one able to fit. Neither my sister nor I wanted to try it on, but we had to. Of course it did not fit, but we kept our heels and toes attached despite what was said later. We waited for Ella's dramatic appearance and were not disappointed. She played pathetic and timid so well even we felt sorry for her. Oh, how pretty she looked under the grime and soot when her foot slid into the glass slipper, and how the Grand Duke sighed when she produced the other slipper from her pocket! She was escorted to the royal coach and whisked off to the castle, saved from a life of drudgery by true love.

“Mother,” I said when Ella was gone. “I believe now is a good time to visit our aunt.”

“Yes,” Mother agreed. “We shall all go. I rather like keeping my head.”
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Dori, that was OUTSTANDING!

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By the time my sister found me I had fallen into, if you will be charitable, disrepair. The old lady had been dead for years, and the old man had finally kicked off, and I had the house to myself and my demons.

With all that past finally gone, seeing Sis was like a kick in the nuts, but after that initial moment of "what the hell are we supposed to say to each other" the awkwardness was gone.

"We have to visit Nana," Sis told me.

"Nana? Who the fug is Nana?" I replied.

"You remember, from your dreams, before things got bad, there was Nana. She was there for us, and we have to pay our respects." said Sis.

Too far gone to care (what does it matter she's my kid sister, and I have a case of Negro Modelo at hand), I agreed to visit "Nana." So long as I get to bring my case of Negro along, I was game for anything.

Sis took us under the overpass, and when we emerged I was lost (not at all unusual, which is why I don't have a driver's license). This world seemed new to me, full of trees that reached to the skies and a dense forest that left me no option but to continue on the trail (though as I went I dropped empty bottles of Modelo, and the world became increasingly liquid, as did my bladder).

"Sorry Sis, I have to stop for a minute"

"Hurry up, Nana is waiting!"

Another leg on the road, another bottle of Modelo tossed on the wayside.

After walking for God knows how long, and after drinking God knows how many bottles of Modelo, we arrived at a house in the woods. What Nana had in mind when she built this house in the woods, I didn't know. There is a lot about my family that I don't know.

It was a strange little house, looking at it I couldn't figure out how she could possibly have a bathroom. There was room in there to sleep, and maybe a small kitchen, but indoor plumbing was clearly not in the picture.

"C'mon" said Sis, "Nana is waiting!"

At this point I was pretty spooked, and I saw no upside to visiting Nana.

"You go on ahead," I told Sis. "But be careful."

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It was the middle of the night. Like, when all the worst imaginable things occur and a night too, to fit the bill. Hail, rain, wind pummeled the earth and hellish lightning, like the Devils own blue white spit, scorched the air around them.

Inside the little cottage, Maria and her brother Andre huddled together in her little bed. They'd shared this room, in two separate beds, since moving to the new house two months ago. Her.. seven years old and he only five but as close as two new puppies in a basket. Fearful he looked deeply into her moist eyes.

"I don't like Florida. Is it always like this? ", he whispered, as another bolt cracked and thunder rumbled the panes of the bedroom window. So loud that four packs of Maria's favorite "Britney Spears" Sugar Plum Bubblegum Cards fell from the windowsill.

"No. No", she stammered, "not always. Usually it's pretty and shimmery. Usually there's a lot of snow to play in and build a fort". Another vile crash rattled the whole house this time, very close to home. Maria and Andre clutched each other even tighter.

"I want Mom and Dad", Andre struggled to break free of his sisters grasp. It was 50/50 trying to decide who was protecting whom. Maria pulled him closer.

"No. Momma said we had to stay in the room", choking back a sob, "Until the morning". A bright flash lit the room. In that brief strobe moment, Maria could see their pet mouse Rosie, who was usually very active on her wheel, huddled in her box. Definitely NOT stirring.

"I'm afraid", Andre blubbered. "Me too", she added. It was just past 12 on the nightstand clock.

Suddenly, there was a loud BUMP on the rooftop just a few feet above where they sat, shivering. Then they heard a rapid series of strange sounds.

...Like dozens of boulders rumbling around on the slate roof tiles.

...The wind howling louder... or was it a mans booming voice that was shouting, "Whooa...Whooa… Donnnnnaa, Whooa...Blitzzzzen".

... Scampering of something, large, down the chimney

...Rustling of crisp wrapped packages and footsteps coming from the living room just on the other side of their door.

Another bolt of lightning and Maria and Andre could see each other's faces. At first afraid, then puzzled, then wonderment and gleeful realization. Andre could not contain himself.

Being the more impetuous of the two, he broke free of his sister's protective hold. They raced to the bedroom door. Andre just steps ahead of Maria, threw open the door just in time to catch a glimpse of ...

A large, red fur clad, jolly looking man, in a black shiny boots, slip up the chimney, like he was being pulled with a vacuum.

Mouths agape, they shot wide-eyed glances around the small living room and then at each other. Beneath the glittery Artificial Christmas Tree sat dozens of colorful presents, where none had been before.

Up on the Spanish tiled roof, they clearly heard the strange rumbling sounds again and a man's deep voice. You see, all the rain and wind and lightning had magically stopped. "On Donna, On Blitzen, On Rudolf, Away..."

Racing to the front door they opened it just in time to see "Old Saint Nick" in his sled, loaded with presents led by eight flying reindeer sail up over the moon.

"Goodbye Santa, Goodbye", they called, tears of joy rolling down their rosy cheeks. As Santa streaked off, what a sight, they could hear him reply,

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!"

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