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PHT Corporation Licenses CIC's Electronic Signature Technologies for


REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Communication
Intelligence Corporation (Nasdaq: CICI) ("CIC"), bringing you "The
Power to Sign Online(TM)," announced today that it has entered into a
licensing agreement with PHT Corporation, for CIC's InkTools(R), its
electronic signature software development kit ("SDK"), to be used within
PHT's Esendant(TM) LogPad(R), clinical trial data collection system
using Palm based handheld devices.

CIC's InkTools product will be a vital component of PHT's overall system
and is being used to capture the signatures of patients and medical
investigators involved in clinical trials testing the safety and efficacy of
new medicines. Leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device
companies are using PHT's technology to improve the integrity, safety,
accuracy and speed of the clinical trial process.

Guido DiGregorio, CIC's President and CEO stated, "Through this
relationship with PHT, we are delighted to be participating in the forefront
of modern drug development, driving the move from the paper age to the
biometric age. This agreement and this application provide an excellent
example of our electronic signature technology being leveraged to
significantly lower costs while dramatically improving the speed of the
process at higher levels of security."

Jim Becker, President for PHT Corporation commented, "Clinical trial
information is of a highly sensitive and confidential nature. We chose to
work with CIC because they have the most robust biometrics signature
product on the market today. This provides a level of security and
non-repudiation protection required by our customers and is a cornerstone
for our applications."

InkTools is a high performance SDK for implementing systems using
electronic ink or handwritten signatures. InkTools provides electronic ink
capture and display, biometric signature verification and ink compression
as well as other encryption and hashing algorithms that add value to a
wide variety of document and transaction based applications.
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