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For whatever reason Kellogg decided to move the management of their DRIP investment program from Wells Fargo to a company called BROADRIDGE in Brentwood, NY.

I have no proof but I believe they movde from Wells Fargo because of the scandal caused by Wells Fargo. But they really made a mistake. This new company clearly was totally unprepared to handle the management of the DRIP. They are impossible to work with, they claim one thing and do something totally different, they are slow to respond and when you contact them they need your blood type before they answer a simple question. Doesn't matter if you provide your account number , SSN whatever they need more and more information.

Kellogg made a horrible mistake picking this company and I have tried to find a way to contact Kellogg investor relations department or upper management with no success. If I could find a way to contact the corporation I would really fill their ears.

Maybe with time they will get their arms around the program but right now they are miserable and headache inducing to deal with. Just prepare yourself if you have to deal with them on the phone. When you make a purchase prepare to wait and wait and wait for the money to be processed and taken from your checking account or your check cashed and then to see it online in your account and the devil will be pushing a snow plow in a union suit before you see a statement from them.
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I promised myself that I wouldn't' but the post has been sitting there
like a target for so long and now I just can't resist any longer.

I hope the new management does not continue to frost your flakes.

It is out of my system.
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