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Been kinda quiet around here lately so I'll add some food for thought.
From time to time I ask if anyone would like to join me in playing Jotto. So far, no takers (maybe because I'm known as the Jottomeister LOL) but for those who don't know, there's a new game that, apparently, has taken the internet by storm. It's called Wordle and is similar to Jotto but you're not playing against anyone (unless you consider your opponent everybody else that plays on a given day). There's a couple of twists from Jotto but the biggest difference is that you have only six tries to guess the "secret" word.
Personally, I much prefer Jotto for several reasons which I won't bore you with here, but if you're interested go to There's a new game each day.
Can you cheat at this game? Sure, just like you can in Jotto, but only those with OWD (Obsessive Winning Disorder) or enormously oversized egos will do so. And, in any event, the game is pretty much just for personal satisfaction.
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Never heard of Jotto. I'll take a look. I read about Wordle last week, and tooked at that. I tried it a few times, and though I'm hooked totally on boggling and Bees, crosswords, and others, Wordle left me cold. There's no clue to guide you. You simply pick out a random word, you see which (if any) letters are in the actual word, and work from there. Starting out completely blind, I was never able to get even close. Never went back after my first series of tries.

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