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Foolzville and eediot,
Are there any developments in KWKville? This is the only
stock that I have held on to for any length and had good luck.
I have had it for 8 months and now I'm kicking myself because
after a small run to the $9.00 range it held for 2-3 months in that
range. I figured I had chosen another dud, so I didn't buy any
more shares. Little did I realize that it was forming a perfect
cup and handle (although a rather short one). Since then it's
run up another 34%!!! I just hate to see it turn south. Any news
out there?
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I don't know of any news but today was pretty good (up 1.25 on pretty heavy volume). KWK just seems like one to hold on to for awhile. I'd say it will probably go down a little tomorrow which would be a good time to add. The way the stock held up during a horrible market would seem to suggest that when the market really turns around this one will go up and up and. . .

Good luck,

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When the market turns around, it might go down, depending on whether
this stock was a defensive play. Any thoughts?
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I don't think this stock follows the mkt, as evidenced in the fact it's up today to a new all time high and the market is down. It's done that in the past. I bought 1500 shares at $10.00 3 mos ago and wish I had more. I figure this is a good three to five year investment. The only thing missing is it's not yet that well known. Respectfully Submitted, ykoops
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I think you're right. I wince when I see that the futures are up because I know KWK will almost surely be down.


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Eediot, I feel the fundamentals are here for this stock to run almost straight up for at least 5 years, with a dip here and there. I just pray that there is never a takeover. The present management know their stuff and most are related to the founder and grew up in the business. KWK is positioned to take advantage of the natural gas play that is with us to stay for quite some time. I'm tempted to buy more. Ive doubled my initial $15,000.00 in just a few months. Would you buy more? Please advise. Sonny Ykoops
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Dear Ykoops,

Wow! Sounds like you know a lot more about the fundamentals surrounding KWK than I do. I love the way it looks now (breaking out on 4 to 5 times daily volume) and it just seems as if the energy sector is (just like you said) a good bet for awhile. By the time the "herd" catches on and begins buying, you should really be sitting pretty. Maybe able to retire in a year or so!

I guess the only question is when you think institutions will begin buying, which may be happening now. Then again with such small daily volume, it's hard for them to buy without the price going higher. I only know of one stock fund that has KWK and I can't think of the name of it now but "The Week in Review" in Investor's Business Daily says which fund.

If you hear anything else please, let me know.

Happy Stocking,

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Funny you mention Investor's Business Daily, that's where I found out about KWK, in the "New Buys of Top-Rated Mutual Funds" list in the 5/11 edition. The list has KWK with 2 A-rated funds investing net total $1M during the prior month and KWK is the highest IBD rated Oil & Gas US Explor. stock on the list. Also, interesting 2 months prior KWK was the highest IBD rated Oil & Gas US Explor. stock with 1 fund investing $200K. Unfortunately, I forgot to get last months list.

I'm trying to KWKly learn. So far, I like what I see! Great 1st Q Press release.

* Nat'l Gas production has doubled yr/yr.
* Total Avg. Sales Price Per Unit across the board up 44%, including hedging.
* Exploration/Operations on the upswing with 1st Q drilling netting nearly 2/3rd of previous yr's net. (22.5/35 ~ 64%)
* Management is very excited about the upcoming yr. and the joint coal bed methane exploration in Canada.

High LT debt ~ $234M (maybe can be re-financed with lower rates?)
Neg. cash flow ~ $12.8M(Prev Q) to $8.3M(Current Q) = ($4.5M)

Now, I'm going to study the charts. Wow, looks great!!! Two solid FTDs on two new 52 wk highs! Momentum's a lil' high, but deservedly. Low float, 5.8M.

I'm in!!!
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reAl80 What do you think of PQUE? It has a lot of similarities with KWK. It also meets all of Warren Buffet's criteria. Like KWK, the founders are very involved and the fundamentals look great to me. If you have time, please reaearch it and advise. Thanks YKOOPS
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After a 'quick' review of PQUE (Petroquest Energy) here's what I see:

+ Mgm't seems very good; Hi ROE, ROA.
- Stock seems a lil' over-valued in comparison to KWK; higher P/E, P/S, P/B
+ Very good margins; operating and profit are better
- I would like to see a better current ratio, above 1.0
+ low debt.
+ brokers love PQUE; 4 Strg buys
+ better visibility per higher avg vol.
- lacking exploration & development news. I guess I need to search better. Wells are limited to Gulf of Mexico region.
+ 10Q could be better.

I haven't seen PQUE in IBD's list of A-grade mutual fund purchases during the past 3 months.

Technically, PQUE's chart looks good, but, not great. There seems to be resistance ~ $7.18 since the new 52wk hi of $7.25 on 4/27. PQUE may have peaked for the near term, maybe 'til next earnings season.

Now for KWK:
There was some profit taking the past 2 days as can be expected.
Good signs:
+ Volumes during the past 2 down days total less than the volumes the previous 2 up days.
+ The low from 5/14 Mon. of $16.10, serves as the support price.
- Hourly chart is ok to lil' scary due to large sell off during 2nd hr on Wed., but, again, that could be profit taking.
- 15 min chart looks better.

Now, I'm waiting for KWK to base for a while, hopefully, around the $18 range, while, noting support at $16.10. If vol. drys up, say 40k, I may buy at that current level. If KWK's price gos below $16.10, then, I'm out.

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reAl80 Thanks very much for your input on PQUE. It pushed thru the resistance level. I went ahead and got my feet wet with 400 shares. While I LOVE Kwk, I'm hesitant to buy more at this price. Do you know of any more JEWELS in the natural gas field? I may be making a big mistake, but I'm figuring five good years in the industry and I'm investing accordingly. What do you think REal80 and anybody else for that matter. Am I messing up? YKOOPS
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Good Luck with PQUE!
I don't enough about'm, but, it's chart is looking good. I consider PQUE a higher risk than KWK.
I screen stocks using Investor's Business Daily's monthly list of New Buys by Top Mutual Funds, thus, I don't look for JEWELS on my own. Sorry 'bout that. I tend to follow what the BIG money mgr.s, with good track records, are buying.

Some notes (for my records) about KWK:
+ 10day + hrly + VWAP(vol.wt.avg.pric) indicates an early support level is developing at ~ $19.50 with a weaker support level at ~ $17.70.

+ Since earnings release on 5/14, each daily volume has been above the 50day avg. of 60k. KWK's price has gone from $16.10 to a peak of $20.50. This usually indicates KWK has peaked for the near term.

+ Money Flow:
10day = ~ + $7.5M
1month = + $10M
3month = ~ + $11M
6month = ~ + $2M

Keep in mind:
Quicksilver Resources Enters Joint Venture in Alberta November 01, 2000
Quicksilver Resources Inc. announced the formation of a joint venture between its Canadian subsidiary, MGV Energy Inc., and PanCanadian Petroleum Limited to explore for and develop coal bed methane (CBM) reserves on 1 million acres of PanCanadian lands. The project focuses on PanCanadian's Palliser block in Southern Alberta

I'm placing a buy-gtc at $17.75 to add to my holding. $17.75 is near the low of the day on 5/18.
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I have KWK, but considering jumping at this point. My concern is the new political twist in D.C. and how it will affect the Republican's energy plan.

I am a Broadcast Engineer and my JEWELS are XMSR and SIRI. XMSR will start broadcasting 100 channels of digital radio via satellite in August. XMSR is currently at $16 and they ran a headline last week which says they have the potential in reaching $40 in the short term. I bought them at $5.00 less than two months ago. There are only two companies licensed to do satellite based digital radio, XMSR in D.C. and SIRI in NYC. SIRI should start broadcasting in September. They have contracts with the auto/truck/boat industries. Yes, you could drive coast to coast without ever changing your dial and with perfect quality. I am heavy into both stocks and hope to at least double by Fall. My other stocks are wireless, GEMP, PALM, and QCOM.
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I'm placing a buy-gtc at $17.75 to add to my holding. $17.75 is near the low of the day on 5/18.

I've been stopped out @ $16.30.

The markets are panicking. Looks like summer-time blues.

I still like KWK's potential, but, I'll be watching from afar. Specifically, the Joint Venture in Alberta.

It's too easy for market manipulators to control this stock with the low price and volumes.

KWK will probably trend down ~ $13-14.
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