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Chatting on Email last night and was basically told that most (all?) US news is politically slanted? Really must be hard to find out what's happening out there?

I suppose our "News" guys must do some of that as well be we have these people who bark in their ears very loudly and publicly if they step over the line.

We at one time had a government agency that did it but they thought they could do a better job?

Media such as Radio and TV is regulated by CRTC but I think they are more concerned with Canadian content.

I'm guessing that wouldn't work south of the border? 🙀


The National NewsMedia Council is a voluntary, self-regulatory ethics body for the news media industry in Canada. It was established in 2015 with two main aims: to serve as a forum for complaints against its members and to promote ethical practices within the news media industry.

The Council deals with matters concerning fairness of coverage, relevance, balance and accuracy of news and opinion reporting. The Council also, when appropriate, represents the public and the media in matters concerning the democratic rights of freedom of speech and freedom of the media.

Membership of news organizations supporting the Council includes most daily and community newspapers, news magazines and online news organizations across Canada, with the exception of Quebec, which is served by a separate provincial press council. Member news organizations pay a fee to belong to the National NewsMedia Council and abide by the decisions of the Council.
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Of course USian media is biased. Harry Truman talked about his recognition, before I was born, that all media outlets were biased. With that realization, Truman would routinely read several different newspapers every day, some biased to the right, some biased to the left. After reading several different versions of a story, he was able to pick out the bias both ways, and get at the real story.

It has never been a secret how biased Fox Noise always has been. It was obvious the broadcast networks, ABC, NBC and CBS, all hated Trump to one degree or another. As usual, they would show a pic of Trump, as they show a pic of anyone of note when they are talking about them, but the pix they chose of Trump were always the most unflattering they could find: Trump in mid rage or scowling, never a pic of him looking composed and smiling. Fox would always wail about the "liberal" media's "Trump derangement syndrome", but Fox never talked about the right's obsession with anyone named Clinton, or Obama. Even Bernie Sanders started calling out the right for it's obsession will Hillary's e-mails.

We USians need to give everything the smell test. The community antenna in the condo went wonky, and my indoor antenna is mounted too low to pick up Canadian news. PBS changed it's arrangement of news programs, so the feed from Germany conflicts with other programming now. I get a feed from the BBC, which offers some interesting perspective, but the BBC "news" looks much like USian "news" in it's fawning over "celebs" and British royals, and it's pandering to women.

What I have not seen in the BBC news is the blatant advertising being passed off as "news". Currently, the USian "news", particularly the local "news", is all atwitter about "Amazon prime day". touting the "great deals" that will be on offer. If course, every new product released by Apple receives the same hype from the "news", both local and national, and "Black Friday deals" are hyped by the local "news" as well.

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I think our Prime Day was cancelled?
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