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It's occured to me that the reason that Bush & Co continue to escape unscathed, even with the O'Neil revelations on 60 minutes...

is that no one cares. The Emperor isn't just fiddling while Rome burns, the citizens are all part of the orchestra.

Sure, some "educated/elitists/leftists" (not my lable, but basically how we're viewed) see that the US has become a mockery of the values established by the Founding Fathers, that the Constitution has been effectively urinated on by the government but it's for our "own good", and that the economy is in much worse shape than the talking heads are willing to admit.

Perhaps it's because deep down people know something is VERY wrong, but believe - in that same wishful way a 6-year old believes that everything will turn out all right - that if we just keep thinking positive, it'll all turn out ok.

It's not going to, and when it gets ugly, i'm very concerned for all Americans (and the world, by extension).

But if you accept my premise, and then watch the news, and the lack of reaction/outrage/response by the masses to anything happening, perhaps it'll all make sense.

It seems to for me.

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The other alternative is that “it is just you”.
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