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am makin me scratchy, but in a fake kinda way. me tink they dunt realy hab teh nucular bomba, the are fakin it.

but, it do mis paco. he wer my bes fren.
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why four you chang yor screen name

screen name changin am for thems that not no who them is

like north koreans thems all think thay am kim sung il and do the dirty bom dance while singing the team america songs

north koreans all dreems of big max and whoppers so they make boms to get mickey dees attenshun but them ams still cold very cold

we should drop big bom on north korea and warm them up

then play abba and eat pizza
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my nam wuz boring am for cuz i changd it. me luv kim sanging "im am wonely" in the wurld pluce movy. wery funi, i sez.

paco, wer 4 art dou? u needz to sav us, man.

bum bum goz NK, den the japz breeth in pu-pu ayr. wy am not we bum-bum on pakerstan? seemz dey am the reel bad guyz. Dey am hidin mr bin-lame-asz in der muntans.

i am hatin te hol worl rit now, but dat is wot my blovd presdnt is telln me to du.

he is so smrt, he is my heru!!!

btw, am du luv the abba and pizza. is purfect life, i sez!
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