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Stock up again today to volt past $100 on no amps of news.

Enjoy, whilst it lasts.

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I have being contemplating buying this stock because it is in the CORE recommendations but I think it is way too high.

I am confused about whether this remains a buy given the high price because it remains on the CORE portfolio.

Any thoughts or ideas about TSLA?

Thanks you.
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Can they make a lower priced car economically (what's the pace of battery cost declines)? Does the Model X add substantially or does it split sales with the Model S?

I'm staying away until that's clear.
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Great questions about Tesla.

I guess from Core you refer to a Fool publication.

As I see it Tesla are a game changer. They are the only firm to have produced a pure electric car that is stimulating to drive and pleasing to see.

As we know it was recently awarded the status of 'best car ever' and it happens to be electric.

For all the talk about future fuels, for electric is the no brainer, clear winner. It is very efficient in both distribution and use, especially compared to an ICE. It does not require a complex and expensive investment in infrastructure that say Hydrogen would require.

Tesla have a huge lead in this space and unlike a GM, Form or Nissan do not have to worry about lost sales if customers select an EV rather than a ICE machine.

Add in selling direct to consumers with no dealers. A clear win for consumers and manufactures.

Add in using a refurbished Toyota factory acquired a knockdown price and an improving production skill base.

Add in selling a high end product at pretty good volumes and making a profit.

Add in no pension cost, no healthcare costs for old sick x-workers and you have a company that is poised to change one of the biggest industries in the world.

All of these combine to say this is the future of cars.

Best thing is to go and spend time in a Tesla shop. Then decide. Or better buy one.
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That's a great list of the positives.

The only thing to reconcile is that the model s is a very expensive car and Tesla and it's consumers benefit from a variety of tax incentives. So the question is how far away a more directly competitive to mainstream model is, given that TSLA is already valued quite highly.
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