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YAY! Another person is watching LABL!

If only for the sake of establishing dialogue alone I am very curious about your hesitations regarding management. What do you feel are their shortcomings? Aside from debt, where I generally feel they keep good, functioning grip, I haven't seen any particularly bright red flags. you? Any string of decisions or personality issues you think about?

I agree that their position is enviable and I'm not worried too much about their somewhat less-than-diversified customer base (Miller and P&G ain't goin' nowhere), but I don't see any big breakout gains in their sub-sector, unless one of their big three decides to throw a ton of their printing work at them suddenly (hope I'm wrong of course).

Long-term I feel solid about LABL. They're a tech leader in a sturdy position to grow big, and given their size, with significant exponentiality, but maybe not so fast or soon as big, fat opportunities need to present themselves for a microcap to become big numbers.
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Where did we go wrong on this one? I agreed with your analysis in '08 and loaded up. I'm now sporting a 50% loss! And it is getting worse by the week!

I'm tempted to dump it, but think it has been unfairly punished for taking on lots of debt with the Collotype acq.(a big change from their old strategy of buying small niche players). My opinion, unfortunately, is not helping LABL's share price. They are having no problem generating enough cash to pay down the debt, so why is it being punished so?

I think it will return to growth stock multiples someday, but meantime I suspect our money is better invested with firms growing profits and dividends consistently.

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