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I'm holding a bit of nrt (thanks Lems) not as much as I'd like but I'll look to add more on a break above res.

Novogen Ltd (NRT) announced today that its red clover isoflavone dietary supplement was an effective treatment for prostate cancer.

The pharmaceutical company said the supplement for men caused early stage prostate cancer cells to die in numbers five times larger than in an untreated control group.

Novogen said it had tested the supplement on 38 men with confirmed prostate cancer.

The patients were given 160 milligrams of the supplement each day in the lead up to prostate surgery, and were observed in relation to patients who had received no treatment.

Treatment periods ranged from one week to eight weeks.

The incidence of cancer cell death occurred an average of five times more often in patients who had received the treatment.

No adverse effects were reported.

The company recently presented its data at the Third World Congress on the Ageing Male in Berlin.



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