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Hi Jono

and others interested in this biotech company. Price on the up again this week, probably in anticipation of possible news update on trials in the USA. AACR conference in SanFrancisco starts this weekend.

Excellent update of the Marshall Edwards Inc(MEI) web site at .........

Novogen site at......

And Motley Fool discussion board at .....

Phenoxodiol is the lead cancer compound in phase 1and 2 trials in USA and OZ. MEI is wholly owned subsiduary of Novogen set up to commercialise phenoxodiol. Both web sites now have very detailed info on cancer and how phenoxodiol is working for those interested in the process and not just the charts.

Come on over to TMF board anytime.

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Hi all,

Please excuse me for posting somethin that is not about NVGN, but I know many of you are interested in cancer. I have been following ALTAREX, a canadian company that has an interesting approach to ovarian cancer using monoclonal antibodies to stimulate a cancer specific immune response. They are also presenting at the AACR this weekend.

I would like to know if anyone would be interested in establishing a new board for ALXFF. Their latest news release is below for your review and comment.


AltaRex Presents OvaRex(R) Data at AACR Conference
PR Newswire, Friday, April 05, 2002 at 09:57


AltaRex Presents OvaRex(R) Data at AACR Conference

OvaRex(R)-Induced T Cells Correlated with Clinical

Benefit in Recurrent Disease Trials

WALTHAM, Mass., April 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- AltaRex Corp. (AXO.TO, ALXFF.OTC) announced today that it will make an oral presentation of clinical results from an integrated analysis of two OvaRex(R) clinical studies in recurrent ovarian cancer at the American Association for Clinical Research (AACR) meeting in San Francisco. Birgit Schultes, Ph.D., Executive Director of Research at AltaRex, will discuss data regarding T cell activation and correlated clinical benefit during the "Cancer Vaccines" symposium on Sunday April 7. In the reported studies, OvaRex(R) is active in recurrent disease, tumor burden is not impacting the frequency or quality of immune responses and OvaRex(R) is able to induce cellular responses to CA125 and autologous tumor cells. The T cell responses are correlated with a significant (p=0.0026) increase in time to disease progression.

(Photo: )

The two open-label phase II studies featured in the presentation at AACR were designed to evaluate immune response induction and clinical outcome for recurrent ovarian cancer patients as a result of immunotherapy (13-patient study, Dr. Thomas Ehlen) or combined chemo-immunotherapy (20-patient study, Dr. Alan Gordon) with OvaRex(R) MAb. Primary results of the individual studies have previously been reported by AltaRex (March 2001 and March 2002, respectively). Both studies focused on the induction of cellular responses to CA125 and autologous tumor and also investigated OvaRex(R) activity in the recurrent disease setting.

The integrated analysis demonstrates:

-- Clinical Response at First Assessment:

* After four administrations of OvaRex(R) (week 12-13), 7 of 26 evaluable

patients (27%) achieved a clinical response (3 no evaluable disease, 2

complete response, 2 partial response).

-- Cellular Immune Response:

* 86% of the patients with clinical response (6 of 7) had CA125- and/or

tumor-specific T cell immune responses.

* 59% of the patients evaluable for cellular response (13 of 22)

developed CA125- and/or tumor-specific T cell immune responses.

* T cell responses were generally maintained on combined treatment

(Gordon study) with OvaRex(R) and second-line chemotherapy (platinum,

paclitaxel, Doxil(R)).

-- Humoral Immune Response:

* Of the patients evaluable for humoral response, 71% (22 of 31)

developed robust antibody responses to the constant (HAMA) region, and

60% (18 of 30) to the variable region (Ab2) of OvaRex(R) MAb.

-- Time to Progression and Survival Benefit:

* T cell responders to CA125 and/or autologous tumor demonstrated a

significant benefit over non-responders in median time to progression;

60 weeks for responders (n=13) versus 10.7 weeks for non-responders

(n=9), p=0.0026. Median survival has not yet been reached for

responders (n=13) while median survival for non-responders (n=9) is 38


-- Safety:

* OvaRex(R) infusions were well tolerated. There was no drug related

toxicity and adverse events were non-specific and Grade 2 or less.

"There are two important findings from the recurrent disease studies," commented Christopher Nicodemus, M.D., Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Development at AltaRex. "First, we are able to activate T cell immunity concurrent to chemotherapy and second, this T cell immunity is associated with a positive clinical outcome. These findings point to the future development potential of OvaRex(R) in conjunction with chemotherapy. This is in addition to the use of OvaRex(R) alone in the period following front-line therapy. We believe that immune modulation with antibody treatments such as OvaRex(R) are a promising non-toxic addition to standard treatment."

For more information about the Company, please visit the AltaRex website at

This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made. For this purpose, any statements that are contained herein that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward- looking statements. Without limiting the foregoing, the words "believes," "anticipates," "plans," "intends," "expects" and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to our need for capital and the risk that the Company can not raise funds on a timely basis on satisfactory terms or at all, the need to obtain corporate alliances and the risk that the Company cannot establish corporate alliances on a timely basis, on satisfactory terms, or at all, changing market conditions, uncertainties regarding the timely and successful completion of clinical trials, patient enrollment rates, uncertainty of pre-clinical, retrospective, early and interim clinical trial results, which may not be indicative of results that will be obtained in ongoing or future clinical trials, whether the Company will file for regulatory approval on a timely basis, uncertainties as to when, if at all, the FDA will accept or approve the Company's regulatory filings for its products, the need to establish and scale-up manufacturing processes, uncertainty as to the timely development and market acceptance of the Company's products, uncertainty as to whether patents will issue from pending patent applications and, if issued, as to whether such patents will be sufficiently broad to protect the Company's technology, and other risks detailed from time-to-time in the Company's filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and Canadian securities authorities. The Company does not assume any obligation to update any forward-looking statement.


SOURCE AltaRex Corp.

-0- 04/05/2002

/CONTACT: Peter Gonze, Operations-Investor Relations, +1-781-672-0138, ext. 1503,, Sondra Henrichon, Investor Relations, +1-781-672-0138, ext. 1510,

/Company News On-Call:

/Photo: NewsCom:

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/Web site:

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I have been following ALTAREX, a canadian company that has an interesting approach to ovarian cancer using monoclonal antibodies to stimulate a cancer specific immune response.

The problem I see with following cancer bios is that there are literally dozens and dozens of companies all with promising cancer treatments. To know which one to follow is the difficulty.
Not knocking ALTAREX but just pointing out the pitfalls in trying to back many horses in the same race.
Harmy (using borrowed computer in sunny Brisbane !!)
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Thanks, Harmy.

You are absolutely right. There are so many new things on the horizon. I think I am up on the curve, but probably way behind those "in the know".
Anyway, I'll keep searching in the hope of a new breakthrogh that will benefit my family in more ways than one.

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Anyway, I'll keep searching in the hope of a new breakthrogh that will benefit my family in more ways than one.

Absolutely !! - my family have suffered enough as well. From a purely investment point of view I don't follow cancer developments because, as I said, there are many companies all following the same Holy Grail. Novartis, for example, recently announced a breakthrough but although you would have thought that it would have sent the share price into orbit it didn't simply because the cancer breakthrough formed a very small part of the Novartis empire. There was a spike in the price but it was a small one and in the end had little effect of the overall price.
Another real problem is for any development to pass the rigid testing and development regimes that many countries insist on. The US, as you probably know, has about three stages of testing each one of which has to be approved by the FDA. At the same time there has to be a patent process to be worked through - all this can take years and years before the product reaches market.
Looked at from an investment point of view there are just too many delays in the process to make it worthwhile IMO.
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Haven't heard from you lately. What do you think of the recent updates and press releases regarding phenox? Also, what do you make of the subsequent price drop in the stock. Are people starting to lose faith in the company, or are short range investors bailing out after a quick profit??

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Hi Jbob100

If you had known me for a while you would understand that I RARELY make any comment about the share price, good, bad or indifferent. Far be it from me to try and figure out what goes on in the heads of other investors. The TA and chart guys, both on this board and the Novogen board, know that I put very little stock in the predictive value of such activity with this particular share.

If you want my opinion on the recent updates, then they are almost exactly what I had expected to be released at this stage of testing. Not quite as good as I hoped they would be but pretty good nonetheless.

We must remeber that these press releases HAD to be based entirely on what has been going on only in the US Cleveland trials. They reflected only what could be seen by Bukowski and Co. The Australian trials are more advanced and we shall have to wait for the results from there at a later date. Having said that, 6 out of 10 cancers of various types STABILISED in a phase 1 trial is very encouraging in my opinion.

There was a very good thread on the biotech board a while back that argued very convinceingly that because of the genomic difference in the makeup of people, that the FDA regarded a drug that worked on 60 to 70 percent of the population as being the equivalent of 100 percent effective.

Early stage biotech companies are a definite gamble until they have their first major drug on the market.....of that there is no doubt. However, the big high-number "baggers" come from the ranks of these types of companies. You do your research ......then you places your bets. To me.....Novogen are well worth the gamble......your mileage may vary <grin>


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