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Now we have cheaper meat and 3.7 million assembly line workers in place of 3.7 butchers who once earned a minimum wage.

We get our toilet brushes from assembly line workers in China, clothes from assembly like workers in Pakistan, gadgets from assembly line workers in China, etc.

We are pulling the middle class wage rug out from under our workers and have done so for decades. It's not a zero sum game. Middle classes are rising in places like China and in a few decades we may be the third world country providing them with cheaper products.

We are still turning out college graduates but pulling the middle class wage jobs out from under them. We are commoditizing everything - to some extent, even the professions - law, medicine, engineering, architecture, etc.


I see a big disconnect in your post. The skills to be a butcher are just that skills. It is not a leadership position and it does not require a degree in nutrition, animal husbandry, anatomy or biology.

In the post that got me riled up the OP mentioned people with a Psychology degree taking work at McDonalds. While I can understand the market price for that degree is very low, I can also see that the people with it can do many other things besides flip burgers.

It just happens that my baby boy graduated with that degree. He is doing poorly. He lives with four other men in a shared house and watches his pennies. (I am changing my NetFlix password to make him spend his own 7.99) However, I have looked around and there are so many things that he can do that use the rich education that he has, and those things pay well.

I.E. Safety coordinator, (A couple of years as a roughneck and he is in.) Cell phone sales (40K plus commissions, a union job at the AT&T stores) and others that I will not mention (If I tell ya, I gotta kill ya)

The problem I see is people getting a degree and being afraid to move from home. This is not anything new, I joined the Coast Guard vice the Army or Air Force because I feared being stationed out of the country, and I have spoken with instructors at the local junior college here and they can teach people to be diesel mechanics, these can get jobs in Australia right now, but they cannot get the boys to even a apply for union scale jobs two counties over. They simply cannot fathom being that far from home. Sheep. They are sheep. I was a sheep. I was lucky, I had to leave home, I had to leave the country, I had to spend a year unemployed. The fear is gone.

I communicated with a young lady on the City Data forums a week or so ago. She was living in New York City barely getting by, has a college degree in criminology and was working outside of her field. The Texas State Penal system offered her a job making better money than she was making in New York to move to Beeville, and she was afraid to move!

It seems simple to me, (but I have been everywhere, and done about everything), that if you or your skills are not needed where you are at, move to where they are needed, or change the skill set or both. For someone to have completed a four year degree from the worst college in the country and not have the wisdom to grasp that is a crime.

Finally, the example you sited of the butchers, to me, is not a bad thing, it is free economics at work. The problem with your conclusion is that you are using inductive reasoning instead of deductive reasoning to draw a conclusion. This is a problem we all face, we look at the past and project a line along the same path a predict the outcome.

The only place that I know that works is figuring on the amount of change we will have. In other words, we can accept as a given that what we know as a truth will not be. But even in this Ray Kurzweil in his essay "The Coming Singularity" points out each person perceives the rate of change happening as it happens in the early to middle part of their working lives. In fact change is not constant and it is changing at a logarithmic rate. So what I as a 50 plus year old project as the rate of change is greater than the projection of my mother and slower than that of my son.

Finally, what you see as trend, I see as an eddy. The old is giving way to the new. The jobs that paid in the 1980's and 1990's are going away and the jobs that you couldn't get in the 1980's and 1990's like a laborers job, are coming back.

We do not need more Psychologist, or history professors, or under water basket weavers. We do need truck drivers that will drive safely and not fill their buddies truck up with the company credit card, we don't need another fat bottomed girl arranging books at the library, but we do need someone who can visualize in three dimensions and climb the 200 foot still and build the pipes needed to make it work.

My eldest son is still trying to fire one of his pest techs. His boss will not let him. The man will not follow the company guidelines and is costing the office business. The problem is that they want to promote a termite tech up to pest tech (from a max 25k a year to a 50K a year job) and they know that finding an entry level laborer, basically a ditch digger than can be trusted with a truck and chemicals at 10 dollars an hours is next to impossible.

I watched a show about someone working at the Saturn factory. At the time the new high paying union jobs were coveted in Mississippi or Tennessee, wherever the new factory was. The job was fairly easy, assembling instrument clusters and installing them into the dashboard. Except...

... it need to be done, on every 52 seconds.

I am sorry, if that job went away, the world is now a better place.


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