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Hello Computer Wizards,

I'm stumped by this one... hopefully someone here can assist.

I have been running Mercury/32 Mail transport System on an NT 4.0 server since about 1997. The server is our central server for important files and I have a tape backup which I use for periodic off-site backups. The tape format is convenient to place in my car.

The server is connected to a StarView Server share box which allows me to share the monitor, keyboard and mouse with my wife's PC which is located next to the server. The server share box is about 10 years old now.

For the past couple of weeks, the server has been re-booting on an i8042prt error which I can see in the event log. I receive two errors in the log:

Source: i8042prt EventID: 34
An error occurred while trying to determine the number of mouse buttons

Source: Mouclass EventID: 7
Could not locate the device object for one or more pointer port devices

I switched the cables from the server to the server share box from one channel to another to see if the channel on the server share was the problem. But that did not solve it.

I switched the mouse driver from a logitech driver to a standard class mouse and I thought I had it solved. But the error returned again this morning.

The main problem that I have with this is that the Mercury/32 Mail software which acts as a mail gateway for the family is not a service but a program, so when the server re-boots, the program does not re-start until I log into the server.

I have searched the MS website, but have not gotten alot if good information on this problem.

I was wondering if anyone might have a better clue as to the root cause of the issue. Is the port on the mother board going? Is it the server share box? Could it be a virus? Not sure where to go from here on this one.

Any help would be appreciated. TIA.

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Could be registry issues, for example:

Source: i8042prt EventID: 34
An error occurred while trying to determine the number of mouse buttons

See number 67 in this link:

3 Button Mouse.


Double click on either BUSMOUSE, SERMOUSE, or i8042PRT (PS/2 style
mouse port).
Double click on the PARAMETERS sub-key.
On the right side of this window double-click on NumberOfButtons.
In the command line change the number '2' to '3' and click on OK.
Exit and restart NT for these changes take effect.
Download CLCKR12a.ZIP to configure the middle button (and more)
(Works on NT4.0 and NT 3.5x - for Intel, Alpha and PPC)
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Hi NoIDAtAll,

Thanks for your suggestion. I had read about those registry settings when I googled the i8042prt keyword. I was reluctant in editing the registry for that change as the hardware and software platform has not changed in probably the past 2 years, and I just could not understand why I would now have to tell NT how many buttons are on the mouse.

I'll give it a shot and report back.

Thanks again,
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Hello All,

An update on the NT 4.0 mouse issue which seemed to be causing random re-boots daily.

I switched the mouse to a real mouse - still rebooted.
I switched the mouse driver from a Logitech to a standard Microsoft mouse - still rebooted.
Made the suggested registry settings for the mouse - still rebooted (but without the mouse button error)


I realized that the computer case had been sitting on a hardwood floor for the past 8 years without ever getting cleaned out. I disconnected all of the cables, brought the case into the garage, fired up the air compressor and blew 8 years of fine dust (and dust bunnies) out of the case, the fans and the vents.

Hasn't rebooted in three days. That's what heat will do to your server...

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Son of a gun - Yep, overheating will cause a PC to give up... Very thoughtful to recall and go through that!!

Thanks for reporting back.

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