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NY Daily:

Returning Bush to office is the wise course, The News believes, despite our sharp disagreement with his domestic policies. Those pale in comparison with the overarching challenge of securing the nation and preserving New York's vital way of life. Of the two candidates, Bush has the clearer vision for accomplishing the goal, as well as the greater experience. He gets our endorsement.

[Kerry] Forged in Vietnam, where he was both valorous and appalled by U.S. policy, Kerry has long been uncomfortable with the use of American might. Witness his senatorial votes against defense and intelligence spending proposals. And witness his vote in 1991 against giving the first President Bush authority to drive Saddam out of Kuwait, a step that was compellingly necessary to prevent Saddam from becoming a dominant force over the Mideast and its oil...Kerry has promised to be tough on terror. His words are resolute...but they betray a skittishness about the exercise of American military power, conjuring up endless diplomacy before action... Most seriously, Candidate Kerry's clearest position on the war undercuts the cause a President Kerry would be obligated to fight. As Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland put it: "Kerry's repeated denunciations of Iraq as the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time weaken the moral and perhaps even the legal base for ordering Americans to continue to fight there if he becomes President." World leaders — those Kerry intends to rally and those already committed — could not responsibly risk their citizens in a misbegotten fight.

At this critical juncture, America cannot afford such a lack of clarity — or even a hint that a President would revert to playing defense rather than staying on the offensive.
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Here's two other substanative views of the Bush administration.

October Surprise
by Gordon Prather
To the dismay of the neo-crazies, the Iraqi puppet government has just reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that 195 metric tons of HMX, 141 metric tons of RDX, and 5.8 metric tons of PETN have gone missing.

The war on Iraq has made moral cowards of us all
More than 100,000 Iraqis have died - and where is our shame and rage?
Scott Ritter
Monday November 1, 2004
The Guardian,2763,1340688,00.html

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