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And his secret tunnels he built to hide from the FBI. (Spoiler: it didn’t work)

I loved this part:

Ms Adams tweeted on Thursday morning that Mr Rhodes “had this ridiculous plan” for the tunnels, only about 25 per cent of which were finished. “The tunnels were supposed to go from the house to national forest, the car was to be on a logging road above. The hatch had this lid, he stapled gillie suits to it. Half the town knew about them.”

So his "secret tunnels" were something he literally told everyone about. A judge has refused bail since he’s obviously a flight risk (and also used to abuse his ex wife)

If Trump’s followers had one brain cell between them we might be a dictatorship by now.
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These un-American fools inhabit a fantasy world of their own making. But it's a dangerous fantasy world.
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