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Filmmakers call it "the movie the White House doesn't want you to see." Apparently, they're right.

The film, which its marketers dubbed, “the movie the White House doesn’t want you to see,” was on 2017 screens this weekend and is expected to be on the same number next weekend.


Obama apparently takes exception to a detailed analysis of his hate America, hate business, hate corporations, hate profits policies....

D'Souza is right on...

I think everyone should go see it, then decide for themselves

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oops..posted on wrong board...sorry

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The article you cite has 4 inacuracies that cannot be true because of the time line or other, prior public statements.

D'Souza is right on...

Are you saying D'Sousa is correct? Have you heard of

I have the movie on my 'go see' list, I hope you do also. And take a notebook and pen.

I wholy appove of finding out what any candidate thinks of, or will do, but I see no reason to lie unless your side is also lieing to the voters.

please feel free to copy to the 'other' board
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