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The biggest winner of the VP depate?

Neither Biden nor Ryan, but probably Mitt Romney. As one physician (and former political candidate himself) noted to our enthusiastic debate crowd, Biden mentioned Obama only in passing, scarcely touching on his achievements, his inspiring leadership, or any grand new plans (what new plans?) for the future. Instead, he emphasized his own dubious role in major events. Ryan, by contrast, repeatedly spoke of Romney, warmly praising his qualifications, his character, his vision, and his five-point platform for recovery.

Yes, Biden performed as expected with his kitchen-sink assault on the GOP ticket, but the indispensable heavy-lifting remains for President Obama in the next two debates. In those exchanges, he must somehow make clear his new, uplifting goals for a new term and his fresh ideas for the road ahead, since only a minority of Americans would knowingly choose even an approximate replication of the polarization, poison, and paralysis of the last four years.
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I think we had a pretty good display in the debate

Ryan was part of a Romney administration

Biden was part of an Obama administration

This could not have provided more clarity even if they had spoken of issues.

Biden decided he was a badazz and a bully(or his campaign did) and that he would whoop his opponent

IF an actual fight had broken out -- where would your money be? On the younger guy who is in great shape but who has some decorum or the older guy who is all big mouth and bluster?

I think the debate was an excellent metaphor for the difference between the two administrations.
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