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Obama Will Double Down on Romney Lies

"President Obama swung wildly at Mitt Romney’s tax plan during the first debate, claiming it would “cost” about $5 trillion. When Mitt denied that was true, the only counter punch the president came up with was that Mitt was a liar.

For the president to accuse a candidate with whom he disagrees of being a liar is not only undignified but, in this case, hard to prove, particularly since some of the same economists the president used to back up his $5 trillion charge now say that their research is being misused by the president. I guess that means they must be liars, too.

--------------------------------’s almost a certainty that President Obama will double down on his claims that Romney’s tax plan is what it clearly isn’t. He’s really got nowhere else to go. He will continue to make charges that can’t be backed up because to do otherwise would be to admit that his entire world view is wrong. And even a performance as bad as his last debate will not crack a foundation that thick."

Ain't that the truth.
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FWIW, here in mid-MI I see that Obama ad about Romney's tax plan frequently during the baseball playoffs. It is obvious that they feel that it hits home, regardless of the facts.
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