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Joe Biden is blasted for telling false story about his encounter with Amtrak conductor friend for the FIFTH time after it was revealed president’s version of events happened after rail worker had DIED

President Biden told story on Wednesday bragging about riding on Amtrak

He has told some version of the story at least five other times in the last year

Biden said he amassed more than 1.5 million miles riding on the railways

During 'seventh year' of vice presidency - 2015 - he said he met an Amtrak conductor

Angelo Negri is said to have talked to Biden about the miles amassed by rail

At the time, Biden said he had amassed a million miles flown on Air Force Two

But Amtrak conductor was no longer working at the time he hit the milestone

Negri retired as Amtrak conductor in 1993 and died in 2014, according to obit

Biden also said that as VP he traveled home to Delaware to see his ailing mother

But Catherine 'Jean' Biden died in 2010 - 5 years before Biden hit flight milestone

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Biden mentally is stuck in his Senate speeches of yor, involving his anecdotal tales of heroism he made up as he went. Reporters did not expend energy tracking down the absence of any truth in his tales and so fantasy through repetition became fact and so henceforth was spoken as fact. But as President this political strategy won't work. Too many journalists will track down the accuracy of every utterance. Fabrications and outright lies are promptly discovered and reported. What once politically worked is today working to build a Biden image of incompetence and a disconnect to average voters.

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