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Who are the Fools Fighting Fat?

We are a group of Fools who have decided to get as Foolish with our bodies as we have with our money. We are out of shape, over weight and working on making it better. We are doing it the Foolish way this time, changing our lifestyle, not just our diet. The idea started on Aruba's Isle of Revenge ( and after much fussing and such, ( the name Fools Fighting Fat was decided on and the board requested. By the way, it was beejous (Bryan) who came up with the awesome name.

What if I'm already in shape, but was overweight once, can I still post here?

YES! By all means. All Fools are welcome; especially the ones who have already won the battle and can offer advice, help or past experience.

Can I flame here?

Only if you're firing up the BBQ for the rest of us. We don't judge or flame here. We will discuss, debate and argue, but no name calling or throwing of food. If you start to get out of line other posters who have been here for a long time may step in and quietly point out your transgression to the nature of the board. This board is about helping, encouraging and supporting each other.

Who are these other posters who will step in?

Glad you asked. When the board was originated Deannda (that's me) was nominated to be the “Board Mommy” but things have changed since then so now we have “Guides” if you will. From TMF Twitty:

When someone asks for a board to be created in Speaker's Corner, there is the expectation that that person will attempt to cultivate conversation and guide the participants in civil discussions and relationships.

So as the original requestor of this board, with the help of others, we will help guide the conversations if needed to make sure they keep in tone of the board and the original concept behind the board. This has been and we would like to see it remain one of the friendliest boards on TMF and certainly one of the most helpful.

I need to lose 10 pounds quick (like in one week)! Can you help me?

Nope, sorry. We are about long-term weight loss and experience has taught us that quick weight loss usually comes back. And usually with additional weight tacked on. We try to average 1-3 pounds per week over a period of time. We are making changes to our lifestyle here, changes we can live with for the rest of our lives. We are learning new and better eating and exercise habits for the long term. Just like your finances, you have to look to the future and think long term.

So what exactly is the plan everyone is using? Is the same?

Not by any means. Some may be using Weight Watchers, some may be using Atkins Diet, some may be using Sugar Busters, and some may be using Jenny Craig. Some are using a combination of other plans; some are just cutting back on fat and increasing exercise. The idea is to find what will work for you and your family and lifestyle. What works for a single person may or may not work for a person with a family and since the situations are different, the approaches and plans will vary. Every person has to find what is best for him or her.

Well, what if I think my plan is the best one?

That's great, but remember, it's just that, your plan that worked for you. That doesn't mean it going to be best for everyone and we ask that you respect that. There are no miracle weight loss programs and there are no magic ways of making the fat go away, but there is your own individual ways of measuring, weighing and accounting for yourself. What ever works best for you is what really matters. Deconstruction and dissection of other's plans and methods is really only encouraged if it is to help the person in a constructive and helpful manner.

Do you always talk this much?


How do I get started?

Being here is the first step. We take it in baby steps. If you slip up and start back with the old habits, don't feel bad about it. Come here, talk about why and we will try to help you get past that and back on track to a new and healthier you! Go back and read about the first 1000 posts or so and find out more about us and talk to us! The biggest part of being a group is talking and working out the problems.

What about weigh-ins and measurements, does everyone use the same methods for this?

No, they don't because it's what works best for you! That is what we really strive to get across here, you need to find the method of measurements, the method of weighing and the method of eating that works best with your life style and your personality.

Are they any other links or ideas you can give me to help me out?

I'm so glad you asked that question. Here are the posts with the best of the best, the recipes, the links and the fun. Check these pages out and if you still can't find what you are looking for, ask away. Even if it has been discussed before, we'll be happy to discuss it again or point you in the right direction. :)

Inspirational Posts, humor and Atkins' Diets posts

Recipes and Links

snowytenn and TMF Synchronicity's weekly check ins

Bookgrrl and Speleofools greatest hits, very inspirational and informative:

Here are some other great links to posts on this board and to other great sites from Windowseat:

Frontline Facts:
this is an address on the PBS Site that has links to many other sites, including a Tufts site that rates other nutrition sites.

The Mayo Clinic: they also include a lot of recipes, and even a place where you can send them a favorite recipe, and they'll give you a low-fat low-calorie version.

This is a link to the Mayo Clinic articles on water - it's the one I hand out every time someone new comes to the board and asks why they're supposed to drink lots of water:

And from tori26: It has a link to a recipe make over web site.

And from shfrank, we have posts on portion control. The threads start on here: by Raggmopp by beccapooka by beejous by shfrank by beccapooka

And just to remind us what this is really about:

From TMF 2Aruba (Our very own Tony!)

Now there are many other great threads here on the board! Just type in what you are looking for in the Search Box, click the Search button and go! You will be amazed at what you might find. Be sure to check the years past too. There are many wonderful and inspirational stories, ideas and thoughts on this board.

Welcome to Fools Fighting Fat and we hope your journey with us is an encouraging, helpful and inspirational one!

One of many Guides on your journey through this board
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