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Republican senators held their own private super spreader event and now so many are down with it that Democrats would hold the majority if the senate were to meet. The problem? They need to meet in a special session to authorize COVID spending.

This should be fun to watch.
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Expect to see a govt order requiring moon suits in the MO legislature.
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YEAH! Let all the maskless goobers hang together--and far away from us sensible folk.

Yesterday my anethesiologist complained about being tired of masking (really?!) and social distancing. He plans to attend a family gathering for thanksgiving. Me, I'm thankful I scheduled my surgery before turkey day and am safely back home with the hubster and DD (here to take care of us post-surgery).

Another operation on my leg. I was having trouble with the metal device holding my tibia together and butting against my ankle...having second thoughts on declining opioids coz acetaminophen ain't enough, but norco brings nausea and constipation. ugh...why do people love opioids? in...I have some left from previous surgery...
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Wishing you a speedy and safe recovery (or as close as you can get to it) on your medical issues.

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