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Has anyone here ever seen the cartoon South Park? Do you know the crazy bus driver character? She curses and screeches and spits when she talks and tries to kill children and small animals.

I think I just interviewed her.

This woman seemed so sweet, so normal on the phone. I told her where I'd gotten her name and information, and we arranged a time to meet. She cancelled the first time (with one hour's notice) and showed up late today. I guess that should have tipped me off, but I'm desperate for help.

She saw that I had the flier that had her name and some references on it, and WENT OFF. I thought she was going to grab my plastic fork and stab me with it! I think she was concerned about me or someone else calling her references (=her clients) and trying to steal them away.

I had already told her that I had this flier. Moreover, we had had a discussion about how we both felt that "poaching" clients was wrong.

She ended by putting a piece of paper in front of me and telling me to tell her when I wanted her and she'd let me know. (after all that, she still wanted to work for me!) I told her that I wasn't sure if I needed her right now, it was if I got any more clients, and I would let her know if that came to be.

She stormed out of the shop, saying she was going to go confront the elderly secretary of the church where I got her name. (that lady had been under the impression that this woman WANTED her to give out the flier. I am sure it was just a miscommunication and nothing malicious intended)

After she left, I sat there for a moment, shaken. This was not how I thought a job interview went! A middle-aged lady sitting at the next booth leaned over and said, "Look, I don't know your business and I don't want to be nosy, but...I don't think you should hire that girl."

I nodded.

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I bet that was "fun".

Just remember, you'll get all kinds. We just put an ad in the paper for a lawyer for "barristor and solicitor work" and got a resume this morning saying how someone would really love to have an opportunity to do solicitor work. She went on and on about it. Unfortunately for her, we're not willing to offer half the job to someone.

Good luck with your next interview and remember that this is going to take time but it is time well spent. Imagine if you had "settled" and you sent this woman to one of your clients?

Think about that as you prepare for your next interview.

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Dear Simon,

Yes, very true. Supposed to interview another girl tonight, she never bothered to call about the meeting. Sigh.

On the plus side, I had an interview (w/ a college student) that went very well. I am trying her out tomorrow. And I have the name of another woman that my friend employs to clean her house. She might be willign to work for me as well. So, two steps forward and one step back. :-)

Good luck with finding your person!!! And thanks for the encouragement!

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