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We the Fools of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Foolish Forum to be used by the downtrodden and financially oppressed Fools of the United States of America.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of this board is to provide any individual--living under the protection and control of the United States Government--with a responsive public forum to address concerns associated with the abuses of power within the contiguous 50 states and U.S. territories. Abuses of any kind are welcome, but the intended spirit of this board is to serve those who feel they have suffered 'financially' in some way as a result of a governmental, corporate, domestic, etc. transgression against them.


It is clear that The Motley Fool has established a formidable presence in our nation's financial community since its conception in 1994. Like the companies in The Motley Fool's 'Rule Maker' portfolio: there is strong technical and fundamental evidence suggesting that The Motley Fool will continue to yield significant returns in the form of educated Fools with the power to enhance the quality of their lives in profound, tangible, and meaningful ways for many years to come. (Caveat Emptor: Past performance is not a guarantee of future success:-) The philosophy of The Motley Fool (to simultaneously amuse and instruct) and its genuine communal support continues to capture an ever-growing number of liberty-seeking hearts.

The Motley Fool community is a phenomenon that does not exist anywhere else in cyberspace, or in ANY space (other solar systems excluded) for that matter. The power of the Fool should not be underestimated. There are many Fools, fools, Wise guys, and other sheep out there who have voiced their frustrations over numerous financial choke holds that the United States Government has employed on its citizens. Every April 15th, hundreds of millions of Americans are fleeced of an inordinate amount of their hard-earned income. Indeed, if tax season was the only blood bath to be endured each year we might be able to nurse our wounds and get back to the business of living freely again, but with tyrannical estate taxation, prodigal social security taxation, counter-intuitive capital gains taxation--the list truly goes on and on--Americans are unnecessarily raped and stripped of the freedoms that their money was supposed to secure.

Well-intending, 'politically savvy' sheep (Americans) bleat that the right to vote is the most powerful weapon that a citizen can have in the face of governmental oppression. That may or may not be true, but unfortunately even this weapon provides little stopping power when aimed at jugernaut systems of beauacracy that move at tectonic speeds. So there must be other weapons, other methods of calling this megalomaniacal madness of political posturing and democro-flogging to order. (Yes I made that one up, how do you think words get into the dictionary anyway? Someone makes them up!:-)

It has been said that 'a fool and his money are soon parted.' Well, not these Fools! I am challenging all Fools and policy makers here at The Fool to use this board as a rendezvous point to amass support for ideas and legislative initiatives that you think would be in the best financial interest of the United States and its citizenry. But don't stop there! We can exercise our First Amendment right to "petition the government for a redress of grievancess" right here, right now! (And you don't even have to travel to "The Mall" in D.C. to sweat in a "Million Man March" either:-) Using the current polling system here at The Fool, we could cast our votes for our own initiatives, and those ideas that meet with the most support could then be kicked up to the next level. Once the initiative reached the highest level (whatever the TMF squad deems this to be) I'm sure someone here at The Fool could create a simple web page form to fill out and sign over the internet to serve as a bona fide petition to be delivered to our executioners in that haughty Beltway.

The sad thing about this whole shoddy deal is that most of us don't know any better because for as long as we can remember it has been a way of life for us to be robbed of our freedom. We have even been encouraged by antiquated Uncle Sammy to thank him for his benevolence and skill in the on-going robbery that has served to ascribe a new name to each of us: VICTIM. You may even be saying to yourself, "How else are we to be governed? How could we ever survive without our periodic penance for that most accursed sin of working towards our own happiness?" And like one who has grown dependent upon the abuse doled out by a manipulative relative; you might waiver and be lured back into the delusion of your 'comfortable', yet severely dysfunctional relationship. But be strong Fool! and fear not for together we can and will take a stand against the abuses inflicted upon us by those who would rip our happiness and our lives right out from under us!!!

As long as there are fools governing Fools you can be sure that ALL your investments will suffer shameful losses.


International Fools are also encouraged to share their valuable experiences, however, American citizens are the primary victims here. (That's not to say that we suffer more than any other country by any means!) I am aware that other countries feel the financial winds of our economy and may share our pain at times, but according to our double-edged Constitution, they don't have a direct voice when it comes to changing the course of those winds. As a result, International Fools will not be able to participate in the actual petitioning process. But please, don't let that stop you from contributing to the discussions and learning from all the Fools here who have happiness in their sights!

Without any further ado, let happiness reign supreme in your life though intelligent investments of your time, passion, and money. Fool on brave citizen!

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