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Okay guys. We are safe now. DH is not happy. I would probably be very happy with the v473 but last I remember we were talking the v373 which is $249 at Amazon. Except for that one site on 1poorguy's link I know nothing about in terms of trustworthiness the v473 is selling for $399.

That's a $150 difference. In comparing specs I see that it does have better speaker connections. It has a "discrete amp". I do not know what that is and googling isn't getting me anywhere.


Let’s begin with ‘discrete’. What that means is each channel has its own amplifier chip rather than have one single chip handle them all. Why this is better (though a tad more expensive) is because, in the long run these chips are less subject to heating: a single chip handling all channels can get Real Hot. The single chip is cheaper to produce and the circuit board also and that’s why they’re still offered. Discrete amplification also means there’s less possibility of cross talk between channels at any volume setting (not a huge point yet discrete does give a clearer signal)..

Speaker connectors come in two styles: bad and acceptable. The spring-loaded clip types are the terrible – five-way binding posts far, far better. Why? Tighter connections with less wire oxidation and, if you’ve a mind to, can use banana plugs (less fiddly than screwing down on the speaker wire in cramped quarters).
The major difference between the RX V373 and the RX V473 is the former doesn’t have component jacks. If you have other electronics that have a HDMI out then that’s okay but if only composite then you’re not getting the better signal. If what you plan to do is upgrade, say the DVD to Blu-ray most of them – if not all – have an HDMI out so it won’t be a problem. But with legacy stuff it is.

It's got a ton of wifi type features I will not use or need. I'd hate to be paying just to have that. I have Hughesnet for satellite internet so it’s too slow to make any of that stuff useful to me.

What if Hughesnet does upgrades (they will) and you want what they then offer? What if you change your satellite provider that has a better (read faster) connection? Up to you yet I’d rather have it than not because of these future possible changes.

But what do you think of last year's version the v471 that still seems to be available? It’s selling for $254. Seems to lack all that networking nonsense I can't use (oh darn) I can't figure out about the discrete amp.

Still a good amp and it is discrete amped (Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels). I’d chose it if you can get a good price but would prefer the RX V473 because of the feature set.

PS - my local appliance store is having a private sale on Thursday. I have no idea what kind of AVRs they sell as I've only ever bought appliances there. But I'll go and check. Otherwise any stores like Best Buy are a 2 hour drive. Not happening in my old beater truck.

RM, even in this discussion on Motley you probably know more than they do about amps. Just don’t buy an off-brand just because of price. Chances are it will run hot enough to fry eggs on. Most major amp makers switched to Class D amps because they run cooler; some of the cheaper amps are still Class A-B (cheaper to make) but you really don’t want one like that.

Question: if you buy through Amazon do you have to pay state tax on the sale? If not then compare that and local prices that have additional sales taxes.

As for making the hubster happy tell him he chose well with the Sony (it lasted) and the amp you’re going to get will last that long – so it (as was the Sony) will be a good investment. Plus, you’re going to have gorgeous sound.

One last: the standard DVD discs for Lord of the Rings have the advanced (Dolby EX) codec. The new amp will process that and together with a nice, cold, beer life don’t get that much better.

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