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DH Got A Job!!! His official offer letter came tonight. Paid vacation and benefits and everything. We are soooooooooo happy!!!

The bad news is that DH's job is clean on the other side of town from where we live. My goal had been to pay off the debt so that we could move, anyway, so this will help achieve both goals sooner. (We live in an area where "clear across town" could mean 2 hours by car one way on a bad traffic day, which I find unacceptable. Too bad the cost of housing keeps going up like gangbusters!!!

For those of you that have been around long enough to think "uh oh, they've finally got more income - she's gonna fall off the wagon now", well, I'm hopeful that you need not worry. I tinkered with some numbers earlier tonight, and the budget swallowed his paycheck like it wasn't even new, holy cow. It was alarming! And if we add an increased mortgage payment to that... Oy. We *will* go get sushi to celebrate, though, and we will also plan some sort of vacation for the fall. My DH has literally only seen the ocean once in his life, and I'd like to make that 2x come fall. But it won't be a crazy extravagant trip, we'll keep it to something reaonable. It will be the first time we can go on vacation that it isn't sacrificing DH's paycheck. wow.

On one hand, I hate being a grown-up. On the other, I am *so glad* we are finally in the Land of Budgeting!!!

The company has a great 401k and profit sharing plan, too, though he has to be there a year before being eligible. That's okay, we'll get him an IRA in the interim. And, home repairs and vacation aside, we're gonna add a lot more snow to that snowball!!!!!!

- Dancin dancin dancin lynndawg
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<i.- Dancin dancin dancin lynndawg

Happy, happy, happy news, lynndawg!! I'm so glad to hear it!

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Mazel Tov, Lynn. What part of town is his new job in?

Who seems to recall you are from GA as well...
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