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It always amuses me how we Americans expect one man to have all the answers. One man needs to know everything about health care and education, even if he never taught school or treated a patient. Ditto for every other issue. I learned this about America in 1992 when the Establishment types went nuts over Perot, and the media and even voters lampooned Perot for "not speaking about the issues". LOL the man wrote a platform in book format, and sometimes said "I don't know" and that he'd assemble the right groups of people to think of solutions.

In 2008 we've not changed.

If I were President, day one I'd have small teams of America's best work on individual problems. Solutions would be presented to ALL the American people via TV, You Tube, whatever. Some key areas, without getting a laundry list:

1.)Government Reform

Our gov't is too corrupt, too big, too special interest driven. Comes AT the people, not FROM the people.

Senator David Boren(D) would craft solutions.

2.)The Budget

In addition to 'fat', painful cuts are to be made. Corporations, rich and poor people, kids and old people, all have to sacrifice, sadly.

John Kasich (R) and Tim Penny (D/Indep) would oversee this one.

3.)Health Care

Obama is right...non-action is suicide. My goal would be almost universal access, a preservation of the profit motive/competition, with the poor and pre-existers getting proper care. Open to tax increases to achieve this.

Bill Clinton (D) Newt Gingrich (R) would run this one for me.

*I'd have Ralph Nader serve as an irritant vis a vis food/drug safety. Let him be a speed bump between special interests and Newt/Bill.

They are the best we have vis a vis public policy minds so they get the hardest one. Also, they would know how to sell the solutions. Newt would make sure we don't get mediocre socialist medicine, Clinton would see to it that folks get taken care of.

4.)Foreign Policy

Deterrence is important, but so is an end to trigger-happy foreign policy, AND interventionism run amok. Need people who believe in being strong, but want to use it as last resort.

2 pronged approach:

*Bob Gates: Keep him running the Pentagon. He's awesome so far.

Chuck Hagel (R) and Sam Nunn (D)


For starters...two things.

*Fortune 500's who outsource jobs, would be required to pay a tax, OR lend their personel who would offer math/science tutoring, especially in bad neighborhoods.

*Focus on EARLY learning, especially in disadvantaged homes. Small local schools where kids from the age of 1 can go, be read to, spoken to, fed a meal, and even given a bath. Of course graduate into basic reading/numbers/math as age permits. Make this OPTIONAL for parents.

Research shows that by 18 months, a kid either has a positive OR negative self-worth and therefore, learns HOW to learn, or clams up. All the "programs" and "money" are great for high school, but odds are if you are born to ill prepared parents, you don't even know one of your parents, and you hear more expletives than books at just aren't gonna latch onto algebra anytime soon.

*PAY STUDENTS. Especially in poorer areas. A combination of reality, and lack of aspiration will get them flipping burgers soon. Nothing wrong with work.....BUT, I would rather pay them to get B's and A's in school. I'd rather pay this, than pay their entitlements later.

Beyond this, I'd invite exceptional educators (Jaime Escalante, or DC's superintendent Rhee) and also founders of things like Ebay or Amazon or Google. Work with them to identify tomorrow's growth areas, and gear community college/high schools towards them.

(Open to tax hikes for education too)

I realize this isn't everything. But when bleeding hard as we
1st stop the bleeding before worrying about more elective surgeries.

If elected I'd promise no sex scandals because I'm too fat to have one.

I can't make the ladies swoon, or the men cheer. But above are the people I'd appoint, and the direction I'd have them take the country

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