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I took the ailing Wild Mobile to the nice auto shop up the street. The cars were nearly out on the highway with every lift in operation. It doesn't look good. So the lady shop owner and I crawled under the Wild Mobile to look at the exhaust.

DX-- "You need more than a clamp on that exhaust!" That ole exhaust just moaning and groaning and I ask when they have time and am told come back next month. I schedule a tune up appt. Down the road, past the farm that sold their cows (grrr, houses next!) and into the big city.

To the muffler shop. Mobbed. Sigh. Don't these people work at noon on Tuesday? I find a spot, go in and announce that I have "saggy pipes." Of course this leads to much merriment. One poor mechanic goes and rescues the Wild Mobile with my accurate description of the Chevy Caprice that is rust and blue. UP goes the Wild Mobile on the lift.

I was invited to join the mechanic for the perusal. I was under the car in a flash. Catalytic converter is indeed bent, but not too bad. Front pipe leaving engine is a bit scarred. Then we have the pipe with the clamp coming out of catalytic converter. Oh dear. The mechanic takes a cloth and holds it up while WM is running.

It is flopping like a caught flounder. I have visions of the CapOne Gold with the over the limit. I see new pipes this afternoon!

Well no! They patched up that poor car and put a nice weld on it, and sent me cheerily on my way. And, NO CHARGE!

Back on the big highway, which of course is under repair. Went past houseguys and kept right on going with barely a look. WM ran very well. Loaded up kids dinner and off to MIL. Reflected how I love being unemployed. If I had money I would take another few days off working!

Stayed out with kids till after dinner, came back here and planted my new ground cover and repotted 4 flowering plants. Washed off the dirt and waited for my park buddy to run up to WMT for his 10 pm shift. He never showed up. I will have to hunt him down today for the story.

I go into the cafe today and pick up a few paychecks they owe me. I hear the manager in there is quite unpleasant because the three of us left over the last few days. Too bad.

Job #2 called. I have work in Philly next month .. 4 week long project. WMT drug test results should come in today. I am sure they will be chasing me to work.

Now on today's agenda, I have to persuade my 13 year old that yes, he has to go to summer camp. If NOT, MIL will spoil him more, if that is possible. I tell him he should live here and go mix it up with the trailer park girls.

The only thing I didn't get done is watch Dr Phil on Oprah which I taped at 4 pm. I fell asleep sitting up. The show was "Why are you Fat?" I run around so much, I can't figure it out!

All bills are paid except for the husband's #1 CITGO account. No, I am not offering to pay it. He even paid for his OWN insurance for his cars. Well well well.

wild :)
so enjoying not working.
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Whew! Taking care of cars can be so exhausting!
(or should I slip on over to Aruba's Isle with that remark?)

Myself I got a ride today so DH can re-goo my exhaust leaks with that putty stuff until we can find real parts that fit/work/etc.

joycets (drivin the vw lately)
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haha, she said saggy pipes!
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And with a straight face! Hehe. Now I must demud myself and go meet the new car coworker who is bringing me my cafe paychecks. Then back to the trailer to direct mower guy on WHERE not to mow. To the shower!

wild :)
working on the suntan.
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I preferred to use muffler patch (with additional wire to make sure it stays on). Became a source of merriment in the parking lot for this... but it made it possible to put off the new muffler for another 6 months.

- karen
(still catching it at home for saving wire & generally being a pack rat)
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